By Jenna Marie Bostock

It’s officially gift giving—and receiving—season.  We searched the globe high and low to put together a list of the three items that every executive must have this holiday season.

Mens Shaving Set from Taylor of Old Bond

Mens Shaving Set from Taylor of Old Bond

From London: Taylors of Old Bond Street

Nothing quite says classic like a good old fashioned shave.

Taylors of Old Bond Street have been in the luxury shaving business for 150 years, and are famous worldwide for the purity and performance of their products. A pure badger shaving brush, shaving cream bowl, and imitation ivory mach 3 razor runs for about 59 quid and will keep your 5 o’clock shadow and mistress happy.

But the poor badger—all in the name of a close shave…

Givenchy PLAY - $50

Givenchy PLAY - $50

From France: Givenchy’s PLAY

When Givenchy announced Justin Timberlake was the face and co-creator of the new cologne ‘PLAY’ we had our doubts… but JT’s earned our respect.

PLAY is a refreshing and sensual new fragrance, staying away the cliché cologne world that seems to rely on dreary and drab to get the job done. (Beckham Signature for Men, anyone?) PLAY’s scent spirals from woody scents of orange, grapefruit, coffee (my favorite aphrodisiac), and black pepper. Yum.

Nothing says "Happy Holdays" like a custom Rolex.

Nothing says "Happy Holdays" like a custom Rolex.


From Switzerland: Black-Out Concept Rolex

Paint it black…Black as night, black as coal. –The Rolling Stones

I am not a Kanye West fan. Having said that, he does have impeccable taste in watches.  He lists his ‘blacked-out’ Rolex Submariner as an essential item to get him through his busy days of offending budding new artists and reusing riffs from the classic talents of Ray Charles.

Black-Out Concept will spruce up anything from Vertu Ascent cell phones to a matted black Harley Davidson. Prices range from Kayne’s Submariner at $7,000 to coating your Ferrari for $40,000.

  • Kevin King

    Holy crap – 7 grand on top of the cost of a Rolex? If I get a Swatch I’ll be happy this Christmas.