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Eight End-of-Year “Must-Dos” for Entrepreneurs

All year long you’ve been in frantic motion. You’ve put out fires. Solved employee snafus and issues. Juggled conflicting priorities. Fielded exhausting back-to-back meetings, telephone calls, and endless emails. Motivated yourself and others. And, kept blocking and tackling month after ...

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The Tolkien Bookshelf

Tolkien Bookshelf

Before Frodo, before Samwise, before Merry Brandybuck, there was Bilbo Baggins. A legendary creature with his own eccentric tale, Bilbo was the unlikely hero Hobbit who set the stage for the classic J.R.R.Tolkien Lord of the Rings series. The movies ...

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Make Your Own Whisky Blend

Whisky Blender

You know it’s happened before. You’ve been at the bar spending way too much money on a pint of craft beer, drinking a bottle of a wine at a restaurant that’s 300% marked up and tastes like you could have ...

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Retain Your Holiday Customers

High-traffic days, such as holidays, are an opportunity for small businesses to establish themselves as a shopping location/website of choice and increase their customer base. And these do not need to be only seasonal windows of opportunity. Busy times can ...

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The Future of Small Town Tech

Technology isn’t exactly synonymous with the American West. In fact, you probably can’t name one tech startup from a state like Wyoming. But, that’s about to change. I created PitchEngine in 2008, initially to fill a need in marketing and ...

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Managing Conflict Through Innovation

From time to time, I hear an intriguing complaint when I talk to executives and business owners. They tell me how much they are working to get their people “on the same page” and “getting along” as they work to ...

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NYC Landmark | Hotel Elysée

Hotel Elysee New York City

This timeless gem in the heart of Midtown Manhattan is an oasis of elegance and calm in the midst of New York’s finest shopping, dining and cultural neighborhood. Built in 1926, the hotel carries an air of history and mystique, ...

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