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Job-alization in Globalization

Globalization unquestionably rearranges the business and social landscape on most places on Earth. This is particularly acute and painful in one side of the labor market. The process can be visualized in two stages: Stage 1. Labor reallocation. Jobs displacement ...

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Tulsi | Midtown Manhattan

Tulsi Restaurant

Indian food is one of those cuisines that transcends cultures and is loved globally. Warm inviting flavors entice us with exotic spices and a Naan addiction has swept the country ever since cheery curry restaurants popped up in every city. ...

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Venture Capital vs. Boot Capital

Entrepreneurs must decide early on how they will fund their new business ideas. It’s a critical decision that echoes throughout the life of the business in very profound ways. Whether you turn to investors, or go it alone, the decision ...

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The Hottest Salon in SoHo

The Drawing Room Salon New York

Beauty is a delicate thing…a certain amount of confidence, luxury and occasionally some serious self-indulgence all come together to create The Drawing Room, a fabulous minimalistic SoHo salon with a passion for great hair and a welcoming attitude. This is ...

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In Today’s Marketplace We Are All Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who successfully create multi-million dollar businesses know how much hard work, disappointment, persistence and dedication it takes to build a business from nothing and then to keep it working. So when someone starts copying the company, ripping them off ...

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Gotham Bar and Grill

Gotham Bar Grill

In 1984, Gotham Bar and Grill introduced Chef Alfred Portale to the culinary world. 28 years later, the creative genius has taken his outrageous menu and turned it into a solid New York staple. The original concept for Gotham was ...

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Small Business Funding

Whether you’re a small-business owner, a Fortune 100 executive, or a buyer in search of a new home, it pays to know the ins and outs of borrowing money. Too often, loan-seekers hurt their chances of securing financing by thinking ...

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The Barossa Valley Comeback

Torbreck Wine Barossa

Sometimes a fine bottle of wine needs to be taken in the back and spanked for a little aeration. Okay, that may sound out of place—but not when you’re dealing with Torbreck Vintners. Unquestionably one of the world’s finest wine ...

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Dining ‘Among the Flowers’

Ai Fiori

During the hustle and bustle of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week earlier this month, we yearned for a quiet retreat. A place to rest our heels, inhale a deep breathe of champagne and recover from the madness that just ensued in the ...

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Customer Retention

Your business is nothing without its clients. Whether you provide products or services, you won’t survive unless individuals or other businesses keep interested in your offerings and want to pay for them. In a difficult economy, your sales personnel fight ...

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Take Advantage of Your Social Media Power

Today, we tweet about the latest books we’ve read. We let our friends know where we’re eating lunch via Facebook. We Instagram pictures of our latest purchases. We post reviews of the businesses we frequent on Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Angie’s ...

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Your Next Custom Suit: Knot Standard

Knot Standard

Your suit is like a fingerprint—it tells people a lot about you, and no two are alike. Or at least, they shouldn’t be. Every suit you own should say something about you, and whether it’s a classic bold silhouette or ...

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Off-the-Record with Matt Miller of Bloomberg Rewind

Matt Miller Bloomberg Rewind

Matt Miller is the host of “Bloomberg Rewind,” Bloomberg Television’s evening wrap-up and analysis of Bloomberg’s top market-moving interviews, news and commentary impacting the trading day on Wall Street. Matt is a stock analyst and international business scholar with a ...

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Boulder’s Luxury Boutique Hotel

St Julien Boulder

Boulder, Colorado is an eclectic mix of environmentalists, yuppies, rock climbers and righteous bicyclists alike. The famous Flatirons grace the small town’s skyline and a sense of hippie capitalism fills the picturesque Pearl Street. It’s a unique place that sticks ...

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Investing in China

Is there money to be made through Second Mouse investments, focusing on Chinese firms that have the potential to achieve a global leadership position in their industry?  How do we get into the game?’ The question is provocative and important. The ...

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Desert Bistro | Moab, UT

Desert Bistro Moab

Red rock. Tumbleweeds. Prairie Dogs. Wide open desert. Incredible rock climbing…And the best food you’ll find between the east and west coast. Moab is a little town tucked into the red rock desert of Utah with small town hospitality and ...

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Being a Backseat Leader

The global economy has turned the rules of leadership upside down and shaken them vigorously for good measure. Where there was once a fairly defined hierarchy—Boss A tells Worker B what to do and Worker B does it—there’s now a ...

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Marvin: A Full-Throttle Collection

Marvin Sebastian Loeb

Sébastien Loeb is a racing idol. Accepted as the greatest rally driver of all time, crowned World Champion for the eighth consecutive year (a unique record in the world of motor sport), and latest Marvin Watch Ambassador, the sexy Frenchman ...

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