David E. Johnson

press release or media pitch

Press Release or Media Pitch?

I am often asked by business leaders how press releases differ from media pitches.  It seems everyone has heard of a press release and believes they need one for their public relations campaign.  But beyond that they are not sure what a press release...

Why Service Companies Need Branding Lessons

One of the most frequent comments we hear is, “We are a service oriented company and not a product based company and therefore branding doesn’t make sense for us, or it just won’t work.”  We hear it from lawyers, medical service professionals, and th...
art of the sound bite

The Art of the Sound Bite

It was Jack Faris, former president of the National Federation of Independent Business who first gave this lasting lesson on the art of the sound bite. “People don’t really watch television. They listen to it.” In today’s multi-media-driven wor...
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Can Paula Deen Save Her Brand?

If ever someone is in need of crisis communications, it’s celebrity chef, Paula Deen.  Deen admitted to using the ‘N’ word in reference to African-Americans.  Usually any scandal involving race is a career killer, just ask Michael Richards, Jimmy the...

David E. Johnson

David E. Johnson is the CEO of Strategic Vision, LLC, a public relations and branding agency that specializes in crisis communications, branding, and media relations. Additional information on Johnson may be obtained at www.strategicvision.biz.