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Roadway Moving’s CEO Talks About Infusing a Little Happiness Into The Moving Industry

Roadway Moving was born from a man who saw an opportunity to infuse a little happiness into a drowning industry. Ross Sapir, an ex-Israeli soldier and bartender, had moved to America and was working at a moving company when he looked around and began to wonder why everyone was so unhappy. The employees, the customers, it was a miserable existence. He decided to change that, by starting a brand that focused on customer service first and foremost. It was time for a revolution...

Unforgettable Luxury Boho Suites at SoHo’s Crosby Street Hotel

New York is a city full of options and possibilities. It’s pretty easy to find a comfortable bed and nice suite in almost any part of town, but what about finding a truly extraordinary hotel that makes you feel at home in the best way possible? Kit Kemp, co-owner and designer of the Crosby Street Hotel, firmly believes that hotels need to be a ‘living space’, not just a stuffy spot to rest your head. That philosophy is so clear throughout every square inch of the Crosby. Crosby Street Hotel marks the first American venture of Tim and Kit Kemp, perennial darlings of the London hotel world...

An Interview With Chef Patrick O’Connell

Chef Patrick O’Connell started cooking 40 years ago in an old farmhouse with just a yard sale electric frying pan. Today he is the self-taught acclaimed chef and, of course, the proud bearer of two Michelin stars at The Inn at Little Washington in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The confirmation of his two Michelin star renewal was announced by the French Embassy yesterday. We interrupted Chef mid-photoshoot (he was having afternoon tea with a dog) for a heart to heart on how he turned a defunct gas station into a luxurious Relais & Châteaux property and what those two illustrious Michelin stars mean to him....
Jenna Marie Bostock

Jenna Marie Bostock

Jenna has led the editorial division of Alister & Paine Magazine since August 2009. She's interviewed bootstrapped entrepreneurs, billionaires, and traveled around the world to bring our readers the best in business and luxury. She is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz and received her SOPA from the NYU Stern School of Business.