Custom Canvas Prints: CanvasPop

We love bespoke suits, custom furniture…anything to make something ours. To leave our particular mark on an object adds a new level of endearment and excitement...
Best Adirondack Chair

The Best Adirondack Chair

Now is the best time of year to take advantage of the sun and constant BBQs and make sure your backyard is the kind of sanctuary that makes you long for four da...

Sojos: The Best Dog Food Money Can Buy

We love our animals more than anything. They are the ones who greet us after an intensely long workday, they stay by your side if you forget a birthday or anniversary, and they don’t care what you look like when you first wake up—they are still eager to give you kisses.
Schmidt Bros Knives

The Perfect Knife Set

The knife is different. It’s not like the fork and spoon. The fork and spoon get to have all the fun, but the knife gets the glory. The knife is back in the kit...
leather furniture south custom leather furniture

Leather Furniture South

We know all about bespoke shirts, suits, custom cufflinks, etc…but what about when it comes to your home? How do you make it say ‘you’? And, if you’re trying to...
custom craftsman furniture

Custom Craftsman Furniture

Philadelphia Furniture Workshop is a truly unique experience—it’s a full service teaching studio for those interested in the art of woodworking. If you passed the wood shop class with flying colors in 7th grade and always wanted to try your hand at a band saw again, this is the place to do it...
Perfect Nights Sleep

The Perfect Night’s Sleep

We work hard. We play hard. In between the grind of conquering capitalism and living the life, you need to find time for a little R&R, and a good night’s sl...