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Job-alization in Globalization

Globalization unquestionably rearranges the business and social landscape on most places on Earth. This is particularly acute and painful in one side of the labor market. The process can be visualized in two stages: Stage 1. Labor reallocation. Jobs displacement ...

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Venture Capital vs. Boot Capital

Entrepreneurs must decide early on how they will fund their new business ideas. It’s a critical decision that echoes throughout the life of the business in very profound ways. Whether you turn to investors, or go it alone, the decision ...

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In Today’s Marketplace We Are All Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who successfully create multi-million dollar businesses know how much hard work, disappointment, persistence and dedication it takes to build a business from nothing and then to keep it working. So when someone starts copying the company, ripping them off ...

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Small Business Funding

Whether you’re a small-business owner, a Fortune 100 executive, or a buyer in search of a new home, it pays to know the ins and outs of borrowing money. Too often, loan-seekers hurt their chances of securing financing by thinking ...

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Customer Retention

Your business is nothing without its clients. Whether you provide products or services, you won’t survive unless individuals or other businesses keep interested in your offerings and want to pay for them. In a difficult economy, your sales personnel fight ...

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Take Advantage of Your Social Media Power

Today, we tweet about the latest books we’ve read. We let our friends know where we’re eating lunch via Facebook. We Instagram pictures of our latest purchases. We post reviews of the businesses we frequent on Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Angie’s ...

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Off-the-Record with Matt Miller of Bloomberg Rewind

Matt Miller Bloomberg Rewind

Matt Miller is the host of “Bloomberg Rewind,” Bloomberg Television’s evening wrap-up and analysis of Bloomberg’s top market-moving interviews, news and commentary impacting the trading day on Wall Street. Matt is a stock analyst and international business scholar with a ...

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Investing in China

Is there money to be made through Second Mouse investments, focusing on Chinese firms that have the potential to achieve a global leadership position in their industry?  How do we get into the game?’ The question is provocative and important. The ...

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Being a Backseat Leader

The global economy has turned the rules of leadership upside down and shaken them vigorously for good measure. Where there was once a fairly defined hierarchy—Boss A tells Worker B what to do and Worker B does it—there’s now a ...

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Why Small Business is Big in Politics

It seems like Washington can’t agree on anything these days, except maybe one thing: Small business. Everyone in Washington loves small business, or pretends they do. If you watch the news or listen to the ads, you’ll hear candidates on ...

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The Four Forces of Cash Flow

The problem with cash flow is that it lags behind profit for most businesses. Unless your customers pay you and you pay your vendors at exactly the same moment, there will always be a time lag. If you understand the ...

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The ‘Wisdom’ of Borrowing

Borrowing money is often a necessity for a growing and expanding a new business, but it’s also one of the least understood parts of business management. So, what is the best way to go about it? Only borrow money that ...

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How to be a Great Public Speaker

Public speaking is one of the great skills you will need in order to ensure success in your personal and business life. The ability to speak in public, communicate an idea, to get others to know you and be energized ...

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The Rising Power of Self-Service

Customers today expect—and demand—the availability of self-service options, round the clock.  Airline passengers are now accustomed to printing their own boarding passes at home; the latest Royal Caribbean cruise ship has kiosk “concierges” on every desk to help you find ...

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Interning: the value in free work

Interns need to quit focusing on any of this nonsensical talk they are being taken advantage of or being exploited when you are offered a position with no pay.  This is crazy!  In the marketplaceobscurity is the single biggest problem you can have. ...

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Maximizing Labor Productivity

Every entrepreneur that is struggling to be more profitable always tries to cut anything but labor. But instead of thinking about cutting costs, why not just increase productivity? This may sound like a play on words, but in my experience ...

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The “Grow or Die” Lie

All growth is good. Bigger is better. All businesses must either “grow or die.” If you’re a small business owner, you might have been nodding along as you read those business mantras, agreeing wholeheartedly with each one. After all, it’s what ...

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