Free $1/2 Million Condo... some conditions apply...

Porto Cupecoy: St. Martin’s First Mega Yacht Community

Free $1/2 Million Condo… some conditions apply.

By Jenna Marie Bostock

You know when you go shopping and get a free gift with purchase? And you didn’t even know it was coming, the salesclerk just surprises you with the good news? I love how just that extra little perk makes you feel as if you just closed a major deal, and are somehow getting away with the prize without paying the winning bid. Or at least a little less guilty about paying $925 for stilettos (or cufflinks…).

Click here for the Porto Cupecoy Image Gallery
Click here for the Porto Cupecoy Image Gallery

Well, here’s the scoop for the best steal on the market right now. Porto Cupecoy, located in the exotic St. Maarten (Saint Martin for those who live in our cultural wasteland stateside), is the newest and most exclusive marina village in the Caribbean’s Netherlands Antilles. The architectural and atmospheric inspiration is derived from Portofino, the breathtaking fishing village located on the Italian Riviera.

So where does the freebie come into play? Well, how could you be expected to decide between purchasing a condo or a yacht slip in this economy? Good news. You don’t have to. From October 1st of this year to January 29, 2010 Porto Cupecoy is offering a free residence with the purchase of a mega yacht slip, with prices scaling from $1.5 to 3.0 million. The residences are select units priced up to US $500,000.

The charming seaside village will consist of a white glove marina, luxury housing, gourmet restaurants—and, of course, the appeal of a Mediterranean village a mere hop skip and jump from any major East Coast hub.

Porto Cupecoy is opening—on schedule, mind you—in December of this year. Sales are strong, despite the current Caribbean real estate trend and construction has continued at an impressive speed throughout the last year while other Caribbean developments have halted.

This is a one-time only deal, and the pre-opening period of Phases 1-4 are already 70% sold out. Pre-opening pricing won’t be available after the gala Grand Opening event in January, so take advantage while you can.

Another incentive for potential buyers? Porto Cupecoy has established 90% financing and two year’s complimentary homeowner’s association fees. Hell, it’s practically free at this point. Okay not quite, but Porto is definitely living up to its end of the deal.

The offer happens to fall in line with the Holiday season—a his and hers yacht and condo set won’t wrap up neatly under the tree but I’m pretty sure it would entice a little mistletoe time.

You can have your yacht and luxury home too.