He's Man’s Original Best Friend. So this Valentine’s Day, remember who is always there for you.

Man’s Best Friend | Bespoke Gear Guide

Loyal. Sincere. Wild. Free. Abundant with love. Not describing the perfect guy…just the perfect dog. A dog doesn’t have to be a ‘Fur Baby’ to illicit a little extra love and attention. The true heart of a pup lies in his faithful stance and unwavering devotion. (For those who haven’t heard, fur baby is a recently coined term used for those so obsessed with the canine creatures that they become their ‘babies’. I personally don’t trust a breed that ends with a ‘poo’….but that’s just me).

He’s Man’s Original Best Friend. So this Valentine’s Day, remember who is always there for you. Who licks your wounds, greets you after a long day at the office, never gets mad when you don’t call, and always forgives you when you get home late.

Merlin’s Pet Shop – Bespoke Collar

You get a tailored suit, so why not your loyal little friend? At Merlin’s Pet Shop you get involved in every step of the customizing process, just like picking out the right fabric, stitching, and lining of your bespoke suit. Yes, it’s possible to create a masculine necktie for a hound! No frosting, bling-bow or pampered pooch necessary. The leather wears in nicely after a few jogs around Central Park. Our official reviewer for this piece, Sir Frankenstein, did everything from jumping in the river after a hawk to getting caught in a thistlebush looking for a robin. This is one durable collar! A few scratches on the brass plates, but knowing how fast Sir Frankenstein could run (and what he can run into), that was to be expected. A very cool way to stay out of the Hilton-ite crowd and keep your guy well loved without submitting him to humiliation via over-the-top studded neck wear.

Iconic Dog – Custom Pet Portrait

There has been a major surge in animal artwork lately—people have finally embraced the obsession! It doesn’t have to be a 5 foot painting of George Washington in Delaware with your dog superimposed as George…but it’s nice to pay homage to the creature that delights you daily. Gwen Rosewater at Iconic Dog does a spot on job of taking a dog’s personality and painting it out onto canvas. She’s known for her realistic tones and visually arresting color schemes. Iconic Dog painted a portrait of our Sir Frankenstein here. The likeness is striking. Instead of hanging a mass produced wrought iron wall piece, have a piece of art created for your pup. It’s a personal touch that makes all the difference when creating a living space, for you and your furry muse.

Get Lick’d

An extra special treat for this seemingly spoiled canine? A Tiffany’s inspired box of organic dog treats. Sir Frankenstein ravaged these like he’s never had a meal in his life…I don’t know that he knew the difference, but us ‘humans’ had fun watching him devour them, at any rate.