[RESTAURANT REVIEW] The Berkshires Wheatleigh Restaurant

[review]Sometimes you come across a meal that is so memorable that it stays in your mind forever, a tangible palpable memory on your tastebuds that you call upon for years after the actual experience. Dinner at the Wheatleigh in Lenox Massachusetts is one of those rare gastronomic adventures.

Huge windows in the enclosed terrace show off stunning views of the Berkshires, a unique and inviting atmosphere for what could easily be a four hour dinner.  The Wheatleigh is one of those uniquely American places; an Italianate mansion right in the middle of the Berkshires, once the country house of an American heiress and her husband, a Spanish count, it is now a small château-style hotel with a restaurant that is not to be missed.

Wheatleigh Hotel
Our in-house wine expert reviews the vino options at the Wheatleigh Dining Room in the Berkshires. Photography by Jenna Davila.

Don’t think of it as a ‘hotel restaurant’ – this is a place that stands on its own merit, regardless of its hotel location. Surrounded by a Fredrick Law Olmsted-designed park, Wheatleigh is the kind of place that beautifully blends into its fabled setting.

The Dining Room at the Wheatleigh offers an intimate gourmet experience with attentive yet unobtrusive service. Chef Jeffrey Thompson’s subtle, innovative cuisine is an ideal complement to the elegance of Wheatleigh, with dishes like wild Burgundy snails with duck confit and parsnips and foie gras with dried apricot, buckwheat groats and Swiss chard.

The amuse bouche before a decadent eight course meal at the Wheatleigh. Photography by Jenna Davila.

The inventive cuisine of Chef Jeffrey Thompson is infused with a subtle intensity and passion that is an ideal complement to the elegance and sophistication of Wheatleigh dining. His exquisite presentations, accompanied by the finest wines, are served flawlessly by the European trained staff. From the first cocktail to the last espresso, it’s an extraordinary way to spend an evening in the Berkshires.

Emphasis is placed on courteous service and top-notch cuisine. The restaurant with its stunning glass enclosed terrace is ever-popular, especially during the annual Tanglewood music festival nearby.

Wheatleigh Snail
Wild Burgundy snails with duck confit and parsnips at the Wheatleigh Dining Room. Photography by Jenna Davila.

Each plate of the eight course tasting menu is a perfect piece of art, every bite a mouth watering piece of heaven. Classic without being old-fashioned, this restaurant is just far enough away from NYC to avoid the trends that sweep through the city on a seasonal basis. A night at the Wheatleigh is one you’ll never forget.