Rita Hazan New York

Celebrity Colorist: Rita Hazan of NYC

Sometimes you just need to be pampered. Take a break from the over-caffeinated workforce, drop the iPhone in a bucket of water (or something less extreme) and just leave the real world to feel beautiful and relaxed. It’s hard to find the right balance—someplace that isn’t exhaustingly ‘zen’ (a la leave your shoes at the door and no talking, please) and that isn’t an in-and-out madhouse of manicures and over-styled production.

Celebrity Colorist Rita Hazan had the right idea when she opened her own salon in NYC. Fun and luxurious, it’s the perfect place to chill out, get pretty and have a glass of champagne. It’s luxury without the pretense, and fun without being too down-to-earth (there is a gourmet lunch menu to order from while you wait for your roots to set).

Rita Hazan Colorist
Rita Hazan highlighting our Editor’s hair – Photo by Jenna Davila

Rita’s golden touch has graced the scalps of celebs like Renee Zellweger, Michelle Williams, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few. Plenty of celebrities and socialites make it a point to fly to Rita for their regular up-keep and touch-ups, or to have her create a show stopping look, but it’s not just about the fame here. Rita herself is incredibly approachable and has no ‘diva’ attitude—she takes the same time with every client and is really dedicated to making sure they get the results they want and that they have the experience she wants them to have.

Rita Hazan Salon
The Rita Hazan Salon in NYC – Photo by Jenna Davila

The salon space is unique in itself—you feel like you’re at a beauty carnival, flitting from one booth of splendor to the next. It’s not your boring side by side rows of mirrors and chairs, it’s a circular layout that makes you feel like it’s your own private station when you’re seated. The traffic flow is smooth and easy so you never even bump into anyone—it’s like a perfectly planned cocktail party, you just happen to be wearing a robe and your hair is smothered in dye.

Rita Hazan
Our Editor gets a haircut from Kim at the Rita Hazan Salon – Photo by Jenna Davila

There’s also no obnoxious advertisements out front—either you know about Rita Hazan’s or you don’t. And trust us, you should definitely be in the know about this place. It’s worth the splurge to get Rita herself, though her trusty team of minions are all excellent colorists and stylists too. The whole culture here is not just about talent—everyone is hired for their skills and personality, so it’s an unforgettable experience from beginning to end. If you have time to stick around for a cut, Kim is a hair genius.

Suddenly your dull dry heavy hair is transformed into that girl from the commercial you always knew you could be—and Kim doesn’t start chopping until you both agree to a game plan, which is a comfort after you’ve been attacked by an over zealous stylist with a ‘you won’t understand till you see it’ type of vision. With hundreds of salons in New York City, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We’re here to help take away the guesswork—don’t go anywhere but Rita Hazan’s. You’ll love it everytime.

Before After
Our Editor, Jenna Bostock, Before and After – Photo by Jenna Davila