Functional buttons aka Surgeon's Cuffs... trust us, it's all in the details

How To Feel Like A Gentleman

Functional Buttons AKA Surgeon’s Cuffs… trust us, it’s all in the details.

by Jenna Marie Bostock

Have you ever noticed how those buttons on your suit sleeve don’t actually work? They just sit there like shutters bolted to the side of the house that never even shut.

What’s the point?

Back in the day, suits were made with real buttons and real button holes. As time went on suits became mass produced and soon enough button holes became extinct. These days, functional buttons aren’t the standard–they are a lavish, ostentatious and a secret society underground sort of way to flash what your wallet holds (or, atleast what you want people to think it holds…).

But you’re not the average suit. We know. You are at Alister & Paine, after all. Then, my friend, you must seek out the surgeon’s cuff.

Tact dictates that the surgeon’s cuff be worn with one or two buttons undone-and really, what would be the point of buttoning up? Then you’d look like all the other schmucks who got their suits last season at the outlets.

The best thing about a surgeon’s cuff is the pure luxurious indulgence. The ultimate subtlety and assuredness emulating from each little button, the intoxicating aroma of charm lingering with a hint of class and a whole lot of style.

You are classic.

You have time traveled to an era of simpler times, more complicated clothes. Gentlemen were expected to button their cuffs as ladies were expected to cover up. Doctors wore suits whether it was an ER trauma or a board meeting luncheon. There’s an air of reminiscing on your sleeves, a sense of wealth that isn’t appreciated in this paparazzi celebrity crazed fast paced society. There’s something utterly sensual about a man who isn’t afraid to act like a true gentlemen.

Who knows, maybe the top hat is next?