Our editorial team receives over a thousand inbound leads every single week. A thousand. Some pitches aren’t worth covering, but many are. In an average week hundreds of newsworthy stories go unreported simply because the cost to publish high quality content is so high.

Alister & Paine Direct Publishing™ provides Branded Content & Sponsored Editorial opportunities to bridge the gap between the age old dichotomy of quantity or quality, and guarantees placement of your content so long as that content meets our standards and is appropriate for our readership.

We trust you to follow these guidelines and we reserve the right not to publish any submission we feel doesn’t meet the spirit of our guidelines or the mission of the magazine.

Here are the kinds of articles we accept:

1. Business stories on organizations, clubs, or individuals;
2. Thought-leadership pieces from industry leaders;
3. First hand experience with different business technologies, services, sectors, products, corporate citizenship, marketing, business and personal finance, or industries;
4. Well sourced, expert, opinions on issues impacting executives and people of high-net-worth;
5. Announcements and biographies of new executive additions to your corporate team, and;
6. Excerpts from business books or memoirs.

The following content won’t be considered for publication:

1. Spam. Any kind of spam. This includes blatant self-promotion and advertisements for a company, product, or website. Our editorial staff reserves the right to determine what is considered spam. If you’re not sure if what you’re submitting is spam, it’s probably spam.
2. Any content that’s purposely misleading, including impersonations or disinformation of any individual, company or organization.
3. Hit pieces. Any submissions that attack another individual or company, for any reason. Rare exceptions may be made if an attack is warranted. For example, if you’re reporting on an individual or company who has defrauded investors, we might accept that piece for publication. Be prepared to provide source information for any articles of this type.
4. Hatred. Hateful content towards individuals or groups based solely on race, gender, culture, creed, class, ethnic group or sexual orientation will not be tolerated by Alister & Paine Magazine.
5. Any submissions in formats or languages that can not be read.
6. Any content that has been previously submitted to, or published by, any other publication. We will only publish original content.

Here are some tips to ensure your editorial is published:

1. Be honest.
2. Avoid self-congratulatory content. Focus on thought-leadership and providing insight into your industry or specialization.
3. If you want to write about a product or service your company offers, consider including details about the competition to keep the editorial above water.
4. Avoid ALL CAPS. If you can’t get your point across without resorting to the dreaded caps lock, then you might want to consider hiring us to write the article for you. Yes, we do that.

Alister & Paine welcomes editorial submissions that may disagree with the opinions of the editors at the company so long as they do NOT violate any of our guidelines.

All Alister & Paine Direct Publishing™ content includes a written disclosure with a link back to the this page where readers can find out more about our paid content solution as well as our related editorial guidelines. All transactions are governed by the Alister & Paine User Agreement.