Corporate Philanthropy

Every year since our founding in 2009 we have selected a non-profit organization to support with our services. In the beginning we simply provided complimentary advertising but the pro-bono services we now provide span the entire range of our product portfolio and often goes far beyond what we might typically provide the average advertiser.

As of 2017 we have donated over $200,000 in in-kind donations to help advance the cause of the organizations we choose to support.

The selection process is made in private and, while we welcome suggestions, the selection of which non-profits to support is ultimately a decision left to our Board of Directors. These organizations are groups which we believe, at the time of selection, advance the principles of:


While we may sometimes celebrate the charitable work we do by attending events and sharing our personal experiences through various outlets, our giving is ultimately a private matter and is generally not shared publicly. Thank you for your interest in our corporate philanthropy.

Organizations we have supported over the years include: