Custom Suit Up | Indochino Review

What does the ultimate suit entail? Should it focus on quality fabric, super speedy delivery, perfect fit? All of the above, and then some.

The Indochino promise is an online ordered custom-tailored suit delivered to your door in two weeks with a starting price of $349. Sound too good to be true? That’s what we thought too.

Kyle Vucko is a young guy from Canada who started Indochino with his partner, Heikal Gani, when the Men’s Warehouse suits in his part of the Rockies weren’t cutting it, and the price tags of the Hugo Boss’s were out of his reach. They decided to outsource production to master tailors in Shanghai and revolutionize the way suits are made.

“We offer exceptional value. You’re getting similar product, if not better, than our competitors because it’s actually custom made at a fraction of the price and you’re able to get into styles that physically most people don’t have access to because they’re a football player, or too tall or just don’t fit the typical cut,” Kyle said about the brand’s appeal.

Indochino promises your suit within two weeks, and they keep that guarantee. The idea that a garment can be hand-crafted and delivered to your door globally within two weeks is pretty awesome. Even buying a suit off the rack and getting a local tailor to alter takes at least a week. There’s also the Perfect Fit Promise…they admit that fit is not always perfect on the first time around, so they offer to pay the local tailoring costs or remake the suit for you.

You can get a tailor to size you up—Indochino will cover the expense—but the website has video tutorials on how to measure each part of your body and you can order in minutes with the DIY option. (Ask your assistant/girlfriend/mistress to do it for you).

The Indochino website makes it ridiculously easy to just click and go, and at their prices you can buy two or three just to experiment and find exactly what you want.

We created a the eternal charcoal suit, narrow lapel, single breasted, two buttons, pic-stitching, ticket pocket, baby pink silk lining, no pleats, no cuffs, and custom embroidery on the cuff of a window shirt. The only thing missing were surgeons cuffs—but at ten percent of the average custom suit price tag you have to make some concessions.

The pants were our favorite part…the contoured fit got a fair share of compliments from the ladies.

We asked Kyle what makes Indochino different than the other dot-com’s out there creating custom menswear. “We’re doing the whole spectrum. Our selection is much wider, our styles more fashion forward, and the user experience superior.”

Don’t just take our word for it. Go on. Suit up.