Nolitan Hotel

New York’s Newest Hotel

East of Soho, south of NoHo, west of the Lower East Side, and north of Little Italy and Chinatown lies a charming land called Nolita. Inside that land is the lovely little Nolitan Hotel, one of New York’s most authentic boutique hotels right in the heart of the endearing neighborhood it’s named after. They’ve only been open for 2.5 months and are already ranked #12 on Tripadvisor, out of over 400 hotels in NYC.

The Nolitan offers all the service style and amenities of a luxury hotel without any of the stuffiness. It’s impeccable service that is friendly without being fussy. They take the attitude of making you feel like family very seriously, from making sure your pillow type is perfect to having organic groceries or a great bottle of Malbec awaiting your arrival.

It’s a place to linger, enjoy, and make new friends.

Intimate suites (55 rooms total) offer private balconies, floor to ceiling windows and a view of the city like you’ve never seen before. The Nolitan is big on signature branding, and has everything from your slippers to the complimentary yoga mat custom created with their signature red and white stripes. A 1:00pm check out is a lovely perk—as they say, a real friend wouldn’t give you the boot at 11am! Want to explore NYC? Grab a skateboard or bicycle at the front desk. Forget your laptop while on deadline? Have a laptop rental sent up, free of charge. Oh, and they’ll UN-pack and RE-pack your bag for you.

The hotel was created by Veracity Development, which has deep roots in the community and is fully invested in the long-term growth and prosperity of Nolita. Creating a place that connects you to the neighborhood in an authentic way is really at the heart of this hotel.

To make you feel like you’re in your own living room, they have this modern mahogany inspired sunken library lounge that is the most intimate place to live it up, perfect for private champagne & cigar parties. The in-house restaurant ellabess offers delicious light bites to munch on in the lounge, most notably the addicting Chicken Banh Mi sliders and Veal Sweetbread Nuggets.

“Nolita is one of the last quintessential places offering a real New York experience. It’s a place full of commerce, culture and New York characters. The Nolitan Hotel is a place where you feel well-tended, amused, comfortable and above all, at ease. We’re a luxury hotel that values warmth, being down-to-earth and making genuine human connections with our guests,” explains The Nolitan Hotel General Manager Patrik Horstmann. “We’re a place where we welcome your friends, your pets and your quirky requests. We’re your home when you’re here, and we treat you like family.”

Live life like a Nolitan!