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Relying on your iPhone to tell time is lazy, a bit unprofessional and just not that cool. There’s a plethora of luxury watches that are beckoning for you to make a statement with your wrist. A timepiece can say a lot about the man or woman wearing it—complicated, elegant, classic, avant-garde, etc. It’s a statement piece without the frills, a form of functionality meeting fashion in the best way possible.

The innovations created by Jacob & Co have been revolutions in style that create a fresh vision of timepiece and jewelry design; a vision which nurtured a new generation of fine watchmaking and jewelry connoisseurs.

Jacob & Co takes the luxury timepiece industry to a whole new level—they’ve been the world’s premier timepiece brand for over a quarter of a century now. Known for the fusion of impeccable quality, classic technique and unmatched creativity, Jacob & Co is typically the first choice for discerning individuals whose demand for superb craftsmanship is matched with a taste for visionary artistry in both jewelry and fine watchmaking. Those individuals include everyone from David Beckham to Milla Jovovich to the Tried & True team at Alister & Paine.

You don’t need to be a celeb to get your hands on one of these lovely creations—whether you’re a star or just a lover of true quality and flawless attention to detail, Jacob and Co takes pride in providing each customer with the finest in personal service and workmanship. Admirers of prevailing beauty will find no rival to the alchemy of edge and elegance that this brand emulates.

The originality and vision achieved by Jacob & Co has, in the years since its inception, become an international phenomenon. With timepieces and jewelry that are respected worldwide for their enduring value and lasting appeal they continue to be the principal destination for the world’s most discriminating cognoscenti.

The Five Time Zone Collection has become an iconic brand of its own, representing an unparalleled range of creative inspiration. This season, the Global 1-15 is our pick for a super sexy edgy look with classic roots. Black Metallic PVD, Swiss Quartz, a quirky Black Rubber Brand and a Five Time Zone functionality…it’s the ultimate in customized luxury.

With the G5 Series: Global Collection Jacob & Co. has taken the core concept behind the iconic Five Time Zone watch and given it an unusual new form.  The new timepiece uses a striking new pentagonal case and makes the home time dial equal in dimensions to the other four time zones, for a visually powerful statement that the wearer is truly a citizen of the world. Each piece expresses the unique blend of impeccable precision and design that is the hallmark of watchmaking at Jacob & Co.

Wear it. Watch it. Love it.