Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko | Luxury Japanese Timepieces

It started as a dream.  In the late 1950’s a group of Seiko’s leading watchmakers set themselves the challenge of creating the ideal watch. It was to be as accurate, as legible, as durable and as easy to wear as any watch in the world. The first Grand Seiko was launched in 1960 and, to spurt the team on to new achievements, a new standard was established. Every Grand Seiko had to match this exacting standard of precision, and, today, it is still the highest published standard of watchmaking excellence in the world.

It is precisely this simple sophistication that makes Grand Seiko stand out from the crowd.

When you see, hold and wear a Grand Seiko watch, it’s an out of body experience. Pristine perfection lies in the palm of your hand. Grand Seiko gives you everything you really need in a watch; nothing more and nothing less. It is the most understated luxury watch in the world. Unexpected, unique, and absolutely certain in its perfection.

The hands of every Grand Seiko are polished on each surface so that they catch even the smallest scintilla of light. The precision of the timekeeping is pretty spectacular…you’ll never be able to blame your watch for running late again. They use a unique Spring Drive calibre, delivering an accuracy rate of ±1 second a day. We fell in love with the SBGH005, a sexy mechanical hi-beat model with incredible clarity and class.

Which Grand Seiko watch does the brand’s product planner, Yuji Tsuchiya, wear on a daily basis? “Currently, I wear in rotation, SBGE001, a black-dialed Spring Drive GMT model and SBGH001, a white-dialed Hi-Beat mechanical model. The first model gives me the courage in challenging in creating the ideal and best possible Grand Seiko models, and the second model gives me the strong will to preserve the tradition and brand value for the future generations.”

It’s a unique brand—renowned in name and on it’s way to being legendary in a primarily Swiss dominated marketplace. Grand Seiko has two types of consumer. There are the collectors…the real experts. Until recently, many collectors hesitated to buy Grand Seiko because it was not available outside Japan. Now the elusive timepieces are available worldwide.

The Grand Seiko man is a connoisseur of quality engineering. You love quality in your cars, accessories and each product that you own. It’s not about the label—it’s about pure quality. The entire brand is based on an ideal—one it has been true to for over 50 years. Each tick tock is a stroke of understated excellence.