Daniel NYC

Daniel NYC | Upper East Side

Dining at Daniel isn’t just about the food. It’s an experience reserved for the most gastronomic New Yorker, the Upper East Side culinary connoisseurs and Park Slope foodies alike…though not for the typical bourgeoisie. A penchant for foie gras and three month notices is all that’s needed for a spectacular meal that will linger with you long after the last sip of wine has been drunk and the final madeleine demolished. The name Daniel breeds a certain whisper of exclusivity, with the recent rise of celebrity chefs and Daniel Boulud’s acclaimed fame worldwide.

A refined dining room, Daniel NYC went through a huge renovation in 2009, wrecking away the pastel frills of its 1999 Parisian décor and bringing to life a swaggering shimmer of elegance and sophistication. We snagged an exclusive table overlooking the circular dining room, a perfect place to people watch, sip champagne, and take it all in.

Daniel Boulud is famous for tying together different parts of a dish with overlapping notes, and playing with that fabulous French flavor in a whole new light.

Even with a full house, every single server takes the time to make sure you are well cared for, and not a crumb is missed between dishes. The Chef’s tasting menu is the way to go at any establishment like this (don’t forget to add a wine pairing—they have a spot-on sommelier) but make sure to get a taste of the Duo of Beef. Braised Black Angus Short Ribs with Carrot Purée, Seared Wagyu Tenderloin, Crispy Rosemary Polenta, Spring Garlic Confit.

The foie gras cloud special to start was an exclamation of flavor on a plate, a perfect balance of old and new. It’s the comfort of traditional French food with the modern twist that has your palate craving more as the eight courses come out in timed perfection.

You come here for a special occasion. The dim lights, the hushed atmosphere, the incredible attention to detail…you feel like a star. This is a show that Daniel Boulud is performing just for you. Each act outperforms the last, with every bite surpassing your new standard of perfection. The waiters begin to performance a dance around you, and you follow suit.

Pour sip swirl, eat crunch swallow. Napkin shake, crumb catch, whisk dish. Pour sip swirl, enjoy savor relish. On and on it goes until the final act and you find yourself at the end of a journey. Happiness has seeped in and left its mark. A final swill of Port and the evening has gone, until another occasion comes along and you return to celebrate with Daniel once again.