Nomos Glashutte

Nomos Glashutte Automatic Watches

A mechanical watch lives from its caliber: it is the heart of the watch and determines the watch’s quality. The caliber or movement is thus the actual watch. It’s the most fascinating organ of the creation, needing to be meticulously precise and painstakingly perfect. NOMOS Glashütte is a watch company who has decided to revolutionize the timepiece industry—by going back to their roots. They build each caliber itself, not trusting any pre-produced piece to be a part of their heirloom timepieces.

The brand is a quarter century old German luxury timepiece company, manufacturing in a small extreme in-house production factory in Glashütte. They design, engineer and build all of the movements themselves. If you want it done right, you just have to do it yourself. The design element comes from the vibrant city of Berlin where an in-house team of designers stay true to Glashütte’s original traditional design. Tidy, elegant, with slender hands, a narrow bezel and an effortlessly clean look, the brand has a distinct minimalist attitude. Very German indeed.

The form, along with outstanding descent, traditional craftsmanship, and high tech, is what makes quality visible in a NOMOS Glashütte watch. Classic and contemporary, intricately designed down to the smallest detail. Perfect for a casual Sunday, big client day Monday, at the office or the beach. It’s a transitional timepiece, moving and adapting to your own style and lifestyle.

NOMOS Glashütte builds seven different watch models—the design classics Tangente, Tangomat, Orion, Ludwig, and Tetra, the models of the Club series, and the Zürich. Every model, most of them unisex, are available in a number of variants—technically in terms of different calibers and functions, and also in terms of design with diverse typographies, indexes, materials, colors, and cases. In mechanics and in design, at NOMOS Glashütte, form follows function. The watches are made to be useful, but also elegant companions that are still interesting on second and third glance, without pushing themselves into the foreground, without wearing thin.

The design of these trappings is no less involved than the interior life: as with the movement, so too with a watch’s externalities: a tenth or hundredth of a millimeter can make a difference.

Aesthetics depend on tiny things, too. The smaller the space, the greater the effort: that’s the law. The effort expended is inversely proportional to the size of the surface designed. It’s a beautiful end result, with an intricate build up.

NOMOS adheres to the principles of the Deutscher Werkbund: good craftsmanship, good design, and commensurate prices are what characterize these watches. Perfect for a classic, clean and effortless vibe to go with those linen chinos all summer long.