Rare Cuts Premium Steak

Rare Cuts Boutique Butcher

There is nothing in this world more perfect than a great steak. Tender, melt-in-your-mouth, primal perfection. But it’s not so easy to find—especially when you’re looking for that comfort with an ice cold micro-brew and meat combo in the ease of your own man cave.

Rare Cuts is a ranch to table online butcher dedicated to bringing the best quality cuts straight to your door. Animal breed, welfare, and processing are all very important factors in producing a great steak, but the delicate balance of aging, cut, and selection are just as critical in creating the best possible flavor profile. By hand selecting the front-end and then providing the attention to detail that they do on the back-end, Rare Cuts provides some of the best, consistent cuts of meat around. They are constantly scouring the country (and the globe for that matter) to find those ranches which meet Rare Cuts stringent standards in order to ensure an exceptional steak.

People deserve to know their meat – where it comes from, how it’s raised and why it tastes the way it does!

Part of the Rare Cuts motto is always fresh, never frozen. Completely natural, no hormones, pesticides, steroids or antibiotics. Every cut of beef is aged a minimum of 20 days, and all of their beef is 100% pure bred Angus or 100% pure bred Wagyu. It’s all about consistency in cuts and quality. It’s like a fine port—you know it’s worth the extra bang for your buck when you can taste the difference.

They’ve also upped the bar to their competitors—Rare Cuts may be a boutique butcher, but they beat the prices of a lot of the ‘big players’. An innovative business model of ordering alongside others on large ranch and farm orders allows them to purchase at lower price points, essentially allowing you to purchase at lower prices. These guys are extremely focused on yield management, meaning that nothing goes to waste. Rare Cuts is able to find a place for every single piece of the cattle. A tenderloin consists of a center cut (Chateaubriand), a head, a tail, and a chain. Some folks will just use that center cut to make a few filets and then grind or sell off the remnants at a drastically reduced price. Rare Cuts, on the other hand, sells filets, the head as a netted tenderloin, tenderloin tails, and then grinds the chain for a spectacular ground filet mignon. Better meat, less waste, amazing prices.

Henry Albert, CEO and founder, began the quest for the perfect steak in college, when he would save his cash for the perfect meal. He had a mounting frustration—“Why can’t I buy a great steak with the same quality and consistency found in 5 star restaurants?” Henry’s pursuit for the perfect steak evolved into what is now known as Rare Cuts, and he hasn’t gone hungry since.

A box of goodies from this chophouse feels like Christmas. It’s a delicate balance of breed selection, innovation, integration of animal behavior, and knowledge of proper handling techniques allows a steak to be that elusive “perfect cut.” It’s enough to satisfy any foodie, nationwide. Light up that grill and dig in.