Grant Cardone

#Twitterview with Sales Expert and Entrepreneur Grant Cardone

Last Thursday we ‘sat down’ for a virtual #Twitterview with Sales Expert Grant Cardone, the Turnaround King. Here are a few words of wisdom and advice that he pressed upon us during an intense back and forth of Q & A’s, covering everything from how to make $1mm a year to the definition of success, in 140 characters of less. (We polished the grammar a bit…we turned the u’s into you’s and the 2’s into too’s. Hope you don’t mind).

Q from @nuziqusa: How do you continue to improve and invent yourself and encourage others to do the same?
Grant Cardone: The best way to continue is to Over Commit to activity. There is so much going on, you have to keep creating.

Q from @AlisterPaine: What is the biggest problem with making a company work?
Grant Cardone: The biggest problem with any business is People. Discipline, focused, motivated – pull it together. Cut out cancer!

Q from @itsJWiLKES: Do you need an initial investment to get your business off of the ground?
Grant Cardone: I have started four businesses with no investment and had sales in first 30 days. Too many people think they need capital.

Success is the quest to fulfill your full potential not some quota or amount of money. The top reason for businesses failing is too much whining not enough action. They underestimate amount of effort necessary.

Q from @AlisterPaine: What is the key to selling in this economy?
Grant Cardone: Twitter. I read about all the original hitters in America that took the monster risk with standard oil, trains, steel, etc. Sell Or Be Sold. Be everywhere with your products until people go from being sick of you to admiring you.

Q from @JarrodGlandt: I need to make $1mm/year. Potential IS there…where do I start?
Grant Cardone: First thing is you need to make it something you think about every second of everyday. Ask yourself great questions. Ask yourself, how can I make $1m a year? Answer it and do whatever you answer, no matter how painful. You will start making $1m a year when your life depends on it and your actions make that need. Work with someone that wants you to be a millionaire or go it alone. You can’t make $1m a year wishing and hoping. God don’t make millionaires, actions do.

Q from @TreyLangford: I’m opening a used car dealership. What are the top 5 ways to build my brand?
Grant Cardone: Advertise. If you don’t offer best product for best price you will end your life.  Find the niche in used cars not fulfilled by big players and become that thing. Make yourself self known. Splash scene heavy, hard and relentlessly.

Q from @AleksYogi: I have a sales degree and am graduating soon. I can’t decide between corporate America or Real Estate entrepreneurship.
Grant Cardone: Whether you go corporate or entrepreneur you have to build your own brand. If the market doesn’t know your value – that’s a problem. There is no safe way anymore….going corporate may be more different than the entrepreneur path. EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR SHORTCUTS…THEY NO LONGER EXIST. My twin brother went corporate and blew it up…I went pirate entrepreneur and blew it up.

Q from @AlisterPaine: Do you think going out on your own is more risky than employment?
Grant Cardone: The only risk today is not being successful – there is no other risk. Either scenario you are working for yourself – people understand you are all alone either way

Q from @AlisterPaine: Why do companies fail?
Grant Cardone: Companies and individuals fail because they allow failure as an option. Be Relentless – Success is a Duty. The #1 reason businesses fail is the inability to sell products at prices high enough and quantities great enough.

Q from @goutamsharma06: What advice did you receive from you your mentor when you were going nowhere?
Grant Cardone: No mentor can get you going. You gotta locate the suppression that you are agreeing with and cut it off.

Q from @AlisterPaine: What is the most important thing I need to learn in order to be successful?
Grant Cardone: The most important thing to learn to be successful is failing is as much effort as succeeding. Both Are Work. The 10X Rule.