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#WineWednesday: Custom Corporate Gifts

A thank you gift goes a long way with the right client. You like doing great business with great people, so it helps to keep close ties and a strong relationship. A box of chocolates definitely does the trick, but how tired does it feel to hand over the same cliche gift every time? And don’t you wonder if there isn’t a more ‘masculine’ or ‘powerful’ gift for the appropriate executive? There are better options out there. Instead of a so-so cookie basket, box of chocolates or even those ‘flower’ bouquets of chocolate dipped fruit you can make your own impression with a custom etched bottle of wine.

We here at Alister & Paine love a great bottle of wine. Who doesn’t? If it’s a bold cabernet or a crisp dry bottle of sparkling brut, we never say no to a great glass of vino. And whether it’s a thank you for a great annual partnership or simply ‘nice to meet you’ gesture, sending a customized bottle of wine will make you pretty much unforgettable. In the sea of boring business cards make yourself stand out with a hello or thank you that will be both functional and truly memorable.

Then comes the tricky part—finding a company that takes away the ‘gimick’ of slapping a custom label on a mediocre bottle of wine and actually sells great vino that you can feel proud to put your name one. Windsor Vineyards is first a vineyard and second a producer who specializes in custom corporate logo labels, custom wedding favor labels and custom bottle etching.

The goal here is simple – to make wines that true oenophiles will love accessible and truly customizable.

Windsor has been among the top three most award-winning wineries in the U.S for over 50 years. Founded by wine legend Rodney Strong in 1959, on San Francisco Bay in Tiburon, his philosophy has continued throughout the years to present. Once owned by Beringer Blass Wine Estates and now as part of Vintage Wine Estates, Windsor not only place great emphasis on investing in barrels, vineyards and technology but also on providing wines to customers directly.

Windsor Vineyards offers more than just the custom label for your next corporate event/wedding/just because luxury BBQ. You can get a reserve bottle of their Platinum Series 2001 Stag’s Leap Cabernet Sauvignon (or any bottle you’d like) etched with your logo or seal to make everything about the bottle a custom work of art.  The celebrated Stags Leap District is known locally as a “valley within Napa Valley,” the Cabernets acclaimed for their opulent flavors and “textural hedonism.” Reflection from the rocky volcanic palisades warms the region quickly in the morning while significant marine breezes drop the temperatures equally rapidly in the late afternoon – the perfect environment for bringing late-maturing Cabernet Sauvignon to optimal flavor maturity and impeccable balance.

This family of small wineries provides buying leverage and wine expertise at world class levels…with all the bespoke possibilities you could ever dream of. Make an impression and raise a glass.