Urbani Truffles | Luxurious Delicacies from Italy

A perfect truffle is a true luxury. Not for the faint of heart, the potent intoxicating aroma of a white truffle is one of the truly finer things in life. It’s a taste you’re born with—either you’re an addict or you can’t handle them. We happen to be the former…you should be too.

A truffle is one of a type of subterranean mushroom, or the fruiting body of such a mushroom. There are hundreds of species and the fruiting body of some are highly prized as a food: French gourmand Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin has been known to dub them “the diamond of the kitchen”.

It’s hard to find a truly high quality truffle—there are brands that pass off flavorless Chinese truffles for the real European deal, others that just don’t live up to the standards of restaurants like Daniel and Jardiniere. Luckily the Urbani family has been supplying the world with the best truffles available to man since 1850. The Urbani reputation for excellence has been carefully and faithfully handed down from one generation to the next. Each new generation blends the traditions, customs and knowledge of the elusive truffle industry and adds its own sense of enrichment—especially as the era of food aficionados becomes more relevant and accessible than ever.

The Urbani name maintains its esteemed reputation of pre-eminence, and continues to represent the best in truffle sourcing and processing. Today, the Urbani Group is directed by Paolo and Bruno Urbani, direct descendant brothers of the Urbani founders.They are single handedly responsible for assuring the world that Urbani will provide a constant supply of truffles to the demanding community of foodies and restaurateurs alike.

For both Paolo and Bruno, their greatest pleasure is seeing their truffles, which are found and picked in fertile woodlands thousands of miles away, being served on tables in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world, or as stunning exhibits in famous shop windows, where they entice shoppers who know – and long for – the exotic taste and pleasures of a truffle.

There’s something special about an Urbani truffle. Daniel Boulud and just about every other truffle crazed chef uses it in their own home kitchen or on the menu at their restaurant It’s an incredible feeling to be able to replicate that once in a lifetime taste right in your own kitchen…savor it. You can find everything from Cream and Truffles Thrill Sauce for an easy (and impressive) pasta dish to pureed black truffle and the true, hardcore stuff—ounces upon ounces of pure, unadulterated fresh truffle. Frozen truffles help you make it through the months when these delicacies aren’t in season, and no kitchen is complete without a truffle slicer to make sure each bite has just the right balance of truffle and…well, you really don’t need any other flavors.

By providing the world with these rarest of delicacies, the Urbanis understand the economic contract that exists between them and their workers, and between them and their clients. Paolo Urbani recently received the highest sign of honor – the “Cavaliere del Lavoro” – from the President of the Italian Republic…a prestigious title reserved only for those special (and rare) entrepreneurs who have made a huge economic impact on Italy.

The world of truffles is an exciting and elusive one to explore. Families like the Urbani’s make it easy to explore the rare delicate industry of the truffle world and continue to be the IT brand for the world’s best truffles. Indulge. Splurge. Savor the decadence of it all. Order a thousand dollars’ worth of truffles and hire a Kitchit chef for a night in to remember…