Abbyson Living Craftsman Furniture

We like our fancy ‘things’. We like our nice cars, sleek MacBooks, oversized chandeliers and rare pieces of art. There are so many things that make a difference in our homes…and one of the most overlooked, perhaps most important of those ‘things’ is where you put your feet up, put your head back, open a great IPA and start to de-stress from your day.

Whether you’re coming home from being on the road, been stuck in meetings or just excited to get off your final sales call, there is literally no better feeling in the world then a really comfortable sofa to collapse on after a hard day.  You want something that beckons, welcomes and invites you to stay for a little longer than you anticipated…

Abbyson Living Barrington

There are many manufacturers who claim to be the most sophisticated and comfiest of them all…but we found one brand that surpasses everything we’ve ever lounged on. Abbyson Living is a family run business that focuses on unparalleled quality furniture, impeccable customer service and true craftsmanship.

Abbyson was one of the pioneers of the drop ship industry—they wanted to help their customers get to the product without driving from showroom to showroom in the quest for the perfect recliner, but they understood the wariness of buying something so big without getting to touch and feel the luxury of the leather, the comfort of each cushion.

Abbyson Living Sofa Black

Abbyson Living made an executive decision to bring the furniture to your living room—they have in depth videos, high res photos and a stellar customer service team so you never miss how you used to furniture shop…exhausted and overwhelmed! Few other companies have managed to set up a system that’s so comprehensive and customer centric. Every piece of furniture is delivered to your specifications—the delivery guys even take the packaging away with them.

Abbyson creates its furniture with a very intellectual approach…there’s a great depth of consideration for every facet and with a meticulous attention to detail. They see furniture as much more than form and function, and they believe that a great piece of furniture has a powerful impact on your environment. Every piece they design is a testament to luxurious comfort, elegant styling, and timeless durability. It’s hard to argue with that—especially once you’ve spent many a night falling asleep on something as stylish and comfortable as the Santa Monica sectional.

The motto at Abbyson is ‘Inspired Elegance for the Way We Live.’ So live a little. Put your feet up, relax and enjoy the comforts of home.

Abbyson Living Detail Shot