Glamping at Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Glamping. The latest movement to take over America, the word means exactly what you’d think – Glamorous Camping. Isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron? Not for the open minded adventurist. There are plenty of pros and cons to regular camping. A couples sleeping bag is cute and romantic. Mosquitos and snakes are not. Sunshine filtering through your tent at dawn to gently notify you that morning has come is relaxing. Water beating against the not so waterproof material of your temporary residence is not.

And therein lies the pros (no true cons) to the Glamping movement. Glamping is considered a way to get back to nature and experience the joys of stepping outside your Ritz-Carlton comfort zone while also getting that ‘vacation’ feel with a hot shower in the morning and a soft warm mattress at night.

Fireside resort 1
The majestic Grand Tetons of Jackson Hole Wyoming

What better place to glamp out than Jackson Hole Wyoming, home to ski bums and billionaires alike. That guy chugging a PBR next to you in stonewashed jeans and a Rolling Stones tee could very likely own a chunk of coveted JHole real estate, you never know. Adventure seekers of all kind flock to this rock climbing/ice climbing/skiing/snowboarding/whatever adrenaline rush you want mecca.

Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole has embraced the glamping mentally and is the perfect combo of luxurious rustic chic. With 23 adorable cabins that are just big enough to feel like vacation but just small enough to feel like a unique mountain getaway, it’s the perfect opportunity to cozy up with family and friends in a snowy mountain setting that’s super close to skiing and town square.

Each cabin is a sleek modern take on the traditional ‘log cabin’ and comes outfitted with Western cowboy/Upper West Side Manhattan esque interiors. A cowhide stool paired with a minimalist sofa – it’s a fun play on the dated 80’s ski resort look we’ve all become accustomed to. Each home away from home comes with a gas fireplace to dry your boots at, an outdoor campfire for s’mores after a long day on the slopes and a community hot tub under the stars.

The rustic chic living rooms at Fireside Resort
The rustic chic living rooms at Fireside Resort

February of 2014 was the 2nd snowiest on record in Jackson Hole and the snow is still falling! With its rustic-luxe appeal, Fireside is the perfect basecamp for all mountain adventures that await – this winter season is shaping up to be a skier’s dream come true.

The resort’s fresh approach to Jackson Hole luxury lodging came from owner and designer Jamie Mackay when he set out to provide a unique mountain getaway for visitors and locals alike. “With my background in log home building, I realized I could fill the niche of cabin-style lodging that had a relevant location for both winter and summer activities,” says Jackson Hole native Mackay. If you really don’t want to leave, ask Mackay taking a cabin to go – he offers cabin ‘kits’ and fully built mobile cabins too.

One of the number one reasons to stay at Fireside Resort? It is literally a hop, skip and a jump from one of our very favorite restaurants in North America. The Q Roadhouse & Brewing Company is run by restaurant maverick Gavin Fine, the man who helped ignite the gourmet food scene in Jackson Hole when he opened Rendezvous Bistro, Gavin’s flagship restaurant that has shaped the current foodie scene in Wyoming.

Pulled pork sammy and Wyoming Whiskey at the local Q Roadhouse
Pulled Pork Sammy and Wyoming Whiskey at the local Q Roadhouse

The menu is a fun mix of eclectic Roadhouse fare with everything from buffalo bone marrow (a fois-gras like decadence) to perfectly executed gulf shrimp & white cheddar grits, fried brussel sprouts and anything else you could want from a gourmet bar food establishment that allows you to throw peanuts on the floor while ordering a last round of Good Night Zealeys (a fantastic cocktail named for their in-house mixologists sister, who asked for something to help her sleep and received this lethal concoction).

The ski season isn’t over and the adventure hunting in Jackson Hole is limitless – check out glamping for yourself and get the best of both worlds with a campfire outdoors, brisket leftovers from the Q in your mini-fridge and a view of the mountains from your cozy bed.