[WINE REVIEW] Je T’aime Brut Rose Sparkling Wine

[review] Anything that is legally allowed to be labeled champagne is going to be pretty delicious. That’s not really debatable – the French take incredible pride in the love and labor they put into their champagne (hence the regulation and restrictions for using the actual word) and it shows in every bubble. But outside the rather limited region is an entire world of sparkling wine vintners looking to create something unique that still keeps the essence of what is means to be champagne.

I have always had an affinity with French culture. Their cooking, their wines, their accents – I could go on for days. We recently came across a magnificent sparkling wine in Je T’aime Brut Rose when looking for an event crowd pleaser that will sparkle without breaking the bank.  Je T’aime is translated to “I Love You” and my sentiment for this sparkler couldn’t be more spot on.

Je T’aime is one of those sparkling wines that does everything you want it to and more. The winery produces Brut and Brut Rosé, both lively, delightful sparkling wines made with Chardonnay grapes from the Limoux region of France.

The Brut Rosé receives its delicate color from a short amount of time on the skins of the Pinot Noir grape. The refreshing bouquet of fresh strawberry and raspberry makes you yearn for summer and wistfully grasp at the bit of sunshine we’ve been granted thus far. As soon as the sun peeks out and the fireflys come out to play, there is nothing more satisfying than a glass of this on your balcony after a long day.

Je T'aime Brut Rose is a fantastic sparkling wine produced and bottled in France
Je T’aime Brut Rose is a fantastic sparkling wine produced and bottled in France

The bright, fresh fruit lead to a yeasty flavor that is crisp, balanced and graceful. Each sip seems to have a lingering finish that tempts you to take another sip till you sadly realize the bottle is gone – so make sure you have plenty of reserves in the cellar.

The company is actually under the umbrella brand Vampire Vineyards, the playful and theatrical winery started by entertainment attorney Micahel Machat in the mid-80’s. The first wine they ever produced was a Syrah of the Algerian origin, bottled in France. Now they produce their Syrahs, Charddonay’s and Sangiovese’s (Italian for blood of Jove), in Veroma, Italy – home to Romeo and Juliet. Je T’aime, however, as the name so aptly describes stays in France and is true to the method champagne.

Je T’aime is a beautifully pink Brut Rose that is very lively – the surge of bubbles. On the nose you immediately get engaging floral notes, followed by a sweet swirl. The aroma is razor sharp, an early indication of its’ superior quality.

The profile was truly remarkable.  Je T’aime is full of strawberry and raspberry flavors but is very balanced and doesn’t overpower your palette with sweetness. The finish is crisp and the essence celebratory. Serve this at your next dinner party, summer blow-out or office event and the entire room will be dancing and smiling.

This bottle is so good it can compete with the crème de la crème of the ‘true’ Champagnes – Á votre santé!

Toasting glasses filled with Je T'aime Brut Rose at the Alister & Paine Wedding
Toasting glasses filled with Je T’aime Brut Rose at the Alister & Paine Wedding