Is Your Brand’s Messaging Primed for Success? Find Out in Under 24 Hours

When it comes time for your business to develop the messaging of your brand, it is crucial that your messaging is properly aligned with the values of your customers.

However, if you’ve asked the question, “How will prospective customers respond to our messaging?” and only answered with internal strategy, you’re doing your business a disservice.

Whether you are a new company readying its first steps into the market, an established business overdue for a rebrand, or about to launch a campaign surrounding a season, holiday, or topical event, going in blind just isn’t a risk worth taking — not when mobile surveying is so readily available.

Americans spend a lot of time on their smartphones. Whether you’ve read a study that concludes people check their phones 80 times per day on average, 5 hours per day, or a third of their waking lives, it should come as little surprise that mobile surveying is quite effective. In fact, 74% of consumers respond to mobile surveys, providing honest insights that can make a world of difference for your business.

While producing surveys that supply genuine feedback may seem like a daunting task, mobile surveying — from inception to results — takes just hours. So how can you best use mobile market research to gain consumer insights on your messaging that deliver big returns?

To start, figure out early on what it is within your messaging that you need customer’s opinion on. Whether you are trying to determine if your logo conveys the desired image of your company, or if your slogan captures your brand’s essence, pick out the areas where your direction is the most unclear — if not the most crucial — before you get too late in the development process.

Once you know what part of your messaging you need early customer feedback, prepare a short series of questions you can send with the survey. They should get to the core of the issue as quickly as possible — don’t waste your time, or, more importantly, the customer’s time with an abundance of questions that don’t need to be asked. If you do, you will lose their interest, and your results will be polluted.

Lastly, you will want to make your survey is targeted correctly. Know your customer base and make sure you target them by age, gender, location, and other demographic criteria, however niche or broad your it may be. Some platforms even let you target by types of personas in your user base, so make sure to research the mobile surveying platform that fits your needs best and take advantage of every tool they offer.

Once you have your results, make the necessary adjustments and get feedback on the next iteration. Have two logos you can’t decide between? Survey them both at the same time. Survey each phase until you are positive your messaging is guaranteed for success.

Mobile market research can revolutionize your brand messaging with quick, valuable consumer insights that shave time off research and days off project timelines. Why risk brand discontent when you can roll it out it pre-approved by the people to whom it matters the most: the customers themselves?