New Years @ Windham Mountain

By Jenna Marie Bostock

I’ve noticed there’s been a lot of overcrowding at those cookie cutter resorts that boast luxurious amenities, rest, and relaxation. On a recent visit to an East Coast ski resort the line cutting ethics were appalling while the lifts were swarmed with inconsiderate blondes and their overpriced headphones.

Skiing at Windham Mountain, NY
Skiing at Windham Mountain, NY

Well, Alister & Paine has found a resort with the promise of true escape. Windham Mountain is two and a half hours from Manhattan in the Catskill High Peaks on the North Face of Cave Mountain. It’s the place to be when you need the get out of the city, Vermont’s entirely too far away, and the local mountain has been overrun with faux Chanel sunglasses and overbearing ski lifts.

As New Years Eve approaches, head to the Legends Lodge of Windham as The Nerds take over. An R&B funk band whose name is derived from an SNL skit, The Nerds funk appeal and dedication to rock and roll, along with fresh powder runs before ringing in the New Year, is unbeatable. Their version of Auld Lang Syne should be pretty rockin’, to say the least.

Once the champagne stash has dried up you can head back to your lavish condo or suite at the Winwood Inn. The luxury lodging includes rooms and condominiums, free high speed Wi-Fi, and a new Rock’n Mexicana Cantina and Grill offering 25 varieties of tequila(bring on the margaritas) with a Rock & Roll theme. Perfect for an evening with The Nerds.

With 46 totals trails and 267 skiable acres (the longest a wraparound at 2.25 miles), Windham offers a fun way to escape those pesky snowboarders (or vice versa, depending on your addiction).

There’s a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ in the god like complex found as your ant-sized self and the mountain find solidarity at sunrise.

If you’re in need of some pampering after getting your ass kicked by the recent Nor’easter stop by The Club at Windham Mountain, a private members only club with a level of exclusivity and attentive staff not to be rivaled elsewhere. What more do you need?

Happy 2010 from your friends at Alister & Paine.