Haven’t found a great Mother’s Day present yet? Stay away from flowers, cheesy edible arrangements, or chocolate truffles that she may love at the time but will utterly regret immediately following. Find a gift that will make her feel beautiful, and give her something to brag about in the ladies locker room after morning Zumba. Yon-Ka is a wonderful skin care collection from Paris that boasts the motto “the alchemy of pure wellness”. Yon-Ka is used primarily in luxury spas, but little known secret, you can get the royal treatments at home too. For 130 years they’ve used a holistic approach to skin and body care, relying on their founding values: transparency and authenticity, quality and safety, proven effectiveness and the art of beauty rituals.

This is the ultimate pampering anti-aging skincare set up.  And since you ought to start your anti-aging ritual by the age of 25, this is perfect for women of any age or skin type.

Lait Nettoyant is a creamy makeup remover and cleanser that you can use morning and evening, and doesn’t leave your skin dry or tight. I like that if I forget all the other steps, this cleanser is enough to make me feel fresh for the day. After the cleanser, a quick spritz of Lotion PS (The word ‘Lotion’ means ‘toner’ in French) sets in extra hydration.

A good eye cream that actually delivers on its promises is almost impossible to find, but using the gentle Phyto-Contour with rosemary extract every morning seriously decreases swollen, puffy, ‘I was finishing a PowerPoint all night and now look exhausted’ syndrome. Mixed with avant-garde technology gel Alpha-Contour (fruit acid based moisturizer, in contrast to the Phyto-Contour that’s only draining), eyes will look caffeinated before you even do.

Our absolute favorite part of the regime that Mom will get addicted to? Yon-Ka‘s latest, the Advanced Optimizer Gel Lift with hibiscus peptides and sweet almond proteins to firm, tighten and smooth the neck, décolleté and bust areas. It’s a sweet and soothing gel that you rub on nightly and it gently restores the firmness of your skin…cleavage can be restored! You can use this anywhere for more toned and smoother looking skin. Smells incredible too.

It may seem like an above average regime, but it’s worth it. She’ll think so too. Happy Mother’s Day!