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Getting Hitched? Get Your Groomsmen A Custom Tailored Shirt from EPIC

On your wedding day, there are literally thousands of details to be dealt with. Delayed caterers, loss of undergarments, cranky ring bearers who forgot to eat their mac and cheese, the list goes on and on. But one of the absolutely most important cannot miss do not forget because you’ll regret it forever details is the groomsmen’s looks. You asked them to be with you on this unforgettable occasion and help you bid adieu to bachelorhood forever and they should look just as dapper as the groom.

This means do not under any circumstances rent (just the word makes our hearts hurt) a shirt from any well-meaning businesses. It will smell of divorce past, billow out in the front, look too long or too short on the sleeves. Nothing good will come of it.

You’re expected to thank your bros with a great gift for helping to erase all evidence of the bachelor weekend and just generally supporting your debauchery and eventual marriage anyway, so make that gift a fantastic fitting reusable item that they’ll actually appreciate. Will they really use that engraved flask daily? Or those silly boxers? No. But assuming they are working professional lads like yourself they will really enjoy owning a custom tailored shirt. There’s nothing quite like your first glimpse in a mirror after pulling on a shirt that is literally meant for your body. The result is rather stunning. The bridesmaids will think so too…

epic custom shirt

No matter where you are planning your nuptials, there’s no longer a need to hop across the pond just for Savile Row. We’ve found something even better.

EPIC Shirtmakers has a mission to provide freedom and comfort, luxury and style—specializing in the soul of a dress shirt. Their Master Tailors combine over 60 years of experience, culling a family lineage of tailoring and textiles for impeccable results. They traveled the world searching for the purest form of the shirt, so you don’t have to.

Everything at EPIC Shirtmakers is tried and true. They offer the very essence of what makes you look and feel your best without compromising comfort or fit. They are able to blend the age of traditions of bespoke workmanship with cutting edge technology to deliver custom tailored shirts made exactly to your specifications.

You don’t even need to visit a tailor in person—just have someone help with your measurements and fill out EPIC’s online questionnaire, tell your groomsmen to do the same and within weeks you have one more thing checked off the ‘Honey-Do’ list.

We went through the entire Tried & True process with EPIC for our Alister & Paine Wedding and couldn’t have been happier. We’ve never seen a bespoke garment done so well from so far away. (EPIC does help with alterations if needed, but with five rush shirt orders not a stitch was out of place.)

A bespoke shirt from EPIC is an heirloom piece. It will look stunning at the altar as your friends’ band together to support you, it will hold up impeccably on the wild dance floor later, it can even outlast the three am pizza party and with a little dry cleaning be ready for the office Monday morning. Give your groomsmen a gift they’ll never forget and ensure they look their very best on your big day too.

epic groomsman shirt

Photography by Hoffer Photography