The Benjamins Cover Band

7 Reasons to Hire this Band for Your Next Event

Nothing gets a party started quite like the right music. It doesn’t matter if the dinner plates haven’t arrived yet, or if Aunt Judy is wasted and flirting with the waitstaff, or even if you’ve had a serious wardrobe malfunction and your demure gown is now slightly scandalous. All of those wedding fiascos and mishaps disappear instantaneously when the party atmosphere starts up.

How many weddings have we all been to that had a lame ‘80s D.J., stuck in his groove of cheesy classic rock and even cheesier announcements? We all get up to fist pump to Journey, return dejectedly to our seats when the Electric Slide comes on and spend the rest of the evening anticipating when the cake will be served and when we can leave to go to the club.

For our Alister & Paine Tried & True Wedding, we needed the party to come to us. A wedding is about love and the celebration of marriage—it should be treated as such! A live band at a wedding does so much—it brings the party to you, the atmosphere of being at a rock and roll concert and the fun of a truly intimate dance party.

With that in mind we scoured the east coast and found one of the best cover bands around, The Benjamins, a Jersey Shore group that specializes high-energy act cover songs from every genre and every era with a specific focus on the most current and popular songs out today. A few reasons why you should hire these guys for your big day, corporate event or even your kids bah mitzvah and why they will seriously kick-ass:

The Benjamins rocking out at our Tried & True Wedding in Stowe, VT
The Benjamins rocking out at our Tried & True Wedding in Stowe, VT

1) Experience.

These guys are professionals and play over 200 shows a year and cover venues in over 15 states. They are NOT your typical Adam Sandler wedding singer, nor will they be lame or embarrassing at any time during your event. They’ve provided entertainment for high profile clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Sony Music, MSNBC, and Anheuser Bush and have rocked with major sports teams like the New Jersey Nets, New Jersey Devils, New York Giants & Jets, and the New York Knicks. They know what they’re doing.

2) Options.

Prepping for a wedding or corporate event can be stressful enough, so the Benjamins take a little of the tension away by providing a super flexible play list. Unlike a D.J., who is limited to what he can actually get his hands on and what he is legally allowed to play, the options with a live band are unlimited. Adrenaline-fueled drummer Jeremy Mykietyn will be your liaison for going over the song list (hundreds of pre-chosen options) and will work with the rest of the band to learn any additional tunes that you need. For example, we wanted our bride to walk down the aisle to an instrumental version of Les Miserables ‘Who Am I’. Not the typical Canon in D, but they learned it in a week and played flawlessly on the big day.

3) Fun factor.

Having a live band is just plain fun at any party. These guys combines pop, rock, dance, party classics, swing, and oldies-but-goodies (including anything Blink 182) with an energetic punk modern vibe that keeps the dance floor crowded all night long.

4) They love what they do and it shows.

During the planning process Jeremy told us “We were very much inspired by other cover bands when we first started. They looked like they were having so much fun playing music for a living! That’s all we wanted to do; make a living doing what we loved. We’ve grown from being young men conquering the clubs, to adults who want to continue growing in other directions like wedding work and corporate events. All while continuing our legacy in the club scene.”

5) It’s Dinner and a Show.

Unfortunately, it’s just a fact that not everyone at your party will be social. For your shy friends and family, hiring a live band is a wonderful way to keep them entertained and keep the “awkward silence” to a minimum. Unlike DJs live bands provide great music AND a show. Also, you can book an in-house DJ along with the Benjamins (like we did) so he can take care of announcements, play anything the band can’t, and take late night requests when the band has retired. It’s a perfect way to make sure your guests are as happy as you are.

6) You get what you pay for.

The Benjamins are pricey. An evening show can easily run $13,000 and that doesn’t include travel or lodging. Of all the things to skimp on, entertainment isn’t one of them. No doubt about it, they will play a major role in your budget. But if you want the party of the century, they are worth every hard earned penny.

7) They work hard to impress.

This is not your typical cover band, typical wedding band, typical any kind of band really. This band truly cares about your event and works hand in hand to make sure it is as kick-ass as you need it to be. It’s customizable, bespoke entertainment for any size party. The Benjamins are constantly pushing themselves by trying different styles of music as well as keeping their repertoire fresh. They never rest of their laurels and it shows in every set.

The Benjamins lead vocalist Jenni getting the party started at the Trapp Family Lodge
The Benjamins lead vocalist Jenni getting the party started at the Trapp Family Lodge