Handcrafted Custom Furniture

We obsess over the right fashion investments and constantly indulge on timeless pieces…but how often are we reminded that the living space where we spend our creative moments, waking hours and working nights is just as important? Here at Alister & Paine we appreciate thoughtfully designed products over mass-market disposable goods on every level, especially when it comes to excellent craftsmanship and customizable products in our decor. The same attention to detail paid to a bespoke suit ought to be paid to the corner chair framing your living room too.

The Joinery is boutique furniture store home to a 20,000-square-foot showroom and wood-working shop, where all of its pieces are built by hand with old-world technique, sustainably harvested wood and natural finishes. Originally a brick and mortar storefront in Portland, Oregon The Joinery just opened its exclusive handmade brand to the entire world wide web. With the launch of their e-commerce site you can have a Tansu Cabinet ordered directly to your door, via their stock room or a custom order (takes a full 8-10 weeks, but well worth it with the design options and white glove delivery service. You know we can’t resist one-of-a-kind showpieces).

The Joinery was founded by Marc Gaudin 29 years ago with the intent to create great furniture and build a company with reputation for quality. Their goal was to make pieces of art with a reachable price, working with handmade pieces and creating intricate design and detail.

“The concept of taking a raw board and creating an heirloom got me hooked, and I have been handcrafting furniture ever since.” –Marc Gaudin

Marc had originally started off in the restoration industry but it was a natural progression into strictly building. Once he knew how to bring a piece back to life he couldn’t wait to create brand new works of art. He focuses on high quality craftsmanship and creating pieces of heirloom quality—these are essentially today’s antiques. A piece of furniture from The Joinery is an investment, not something you pick up on a whim to go with your old dorm room decor. Major plus? Every product comes with a life guarantee.

Over 90% of what they build comes from a sustainable forest or is locally sourced—in fact, the bespoke piece we had created for the Alister & Paine office is a remarkable reclaimed cedar bench with a story. The British Columbia government has recently been decommissioning fire roads to restore watershed and improve habitat, and as part of that project some old cedar bridges are being deconstructed…from the demolition a new perspective emerged and our bench was born.

Marc’s favorite piece of their woodworking canon?  “The Banjo chair. It is a very complex chair with over 50 jigs. To build this a person has to be a master of their trade.”