Luxury Lodging for Dogs | New York

You know we’re the experts on where to go for your next getaway, but what about the furry loved ones you leave behind? It’s just as important that they get the five star treatment you know they deserve. After all, they are man’s original best friend. It’s an age old relationship that no girl can ever compete with.

So, whether you’re heading to Napa Valley or Miami make sure you leave your pup in good hands at the Pet N Play Luxury Pet Resort in Newburgh, New York. It’s a quick drive from the city, but they do door to door pick up and drop off too.

This canine resort specializes in things like sophisticated games of Fetch, Tug-of-War, extra belly Rubs, and making sure your pup is spoiled rotten. The spacious suites are fitted with actual beds and flat screen TV that plays their favorite Animal Planet episode, whenever they’re taking a break from romping and making new friends in the daily play groups. Oh, and you can tune in from your phone to watch them hang out on the suites web cam.

We went for the Gold Package when checking out Pet N Play and had our in-house dogs Frankenstein and Rockefeller stay a couple nights to see how they liked it…these guys were bone (pardon the pun) tired for days and couldn’t have been happier.

A la carte you can get your pampered pooch extra Frisbee time, laps in the pool, extra walks, Rent-a-Grandma (cuddle session), and movie night with busy bones. 101 Dalmatians is a popular request.

Next time you head out of town, go ahead. Pamper your best friend. He deserves it.