High Peaks Resort

High Peaks Resort | Lake Placid, NY

Way past the skyscrapers of Manhattan and just a few hours shy of Montreal lays a rustic village that oozes with authentic Adirondack charm and charisma. Lake Placid is a beautiful little town right at the base of Whiteface Mountain with an idyllic Main Street and an aura of serenity, a tourist spot that has avoided commercialism.

Lake Placid claimed a name to fame when it played home first to the 1932 Olympics and revisited the honor in the ‘80s, a feat it’s been boasting about ever since (and rightly so). It’s actually the only town to host the Olympics twice, ever. You can still find memorabilia in the form of nostalgic pins and retro bumper stickers at any of the casual boutiques on Main Street. If the town wasn’t splashed in Olympic logos and reminders around every corner, you might think you were in Lugano, Switzerland or the Alps of Italy…but you’re actually just 5 hours north of NYC.

The casually elegant High Peaks Resort right in the heart of town is the perfect place to rest your boots after a long day on the slopes.  Lake Placid has held onto its epic Olympic fame from the ‘80s while slowly but surely becoming a real destination town that can hold its own tourist torch, and High Peaks Resort is the latest addition to that world-class destination appeal.

The resort has a very rugged meets refined aura, with luxurious updated suites and down to earth rustic décor. They are literally in the middle of the action, a short walk from the Olympic Center and a moment away from quaint restaurants and antique shops. A cozy Aveda spa is right downstairs, perfect to slip away to and relax with an intoxicating massage. They also welcome travelling canine companions, any size, so your pups get a vacation too.

When the snow falls, that’s when the Adirondacks truly shine

The best part about the ‘Daks is the abundance of outdoor activities. Stop by The Mountaineer store for some solid advice on what to do and where to do it. Hiking, ice-fishing, snow shoeing, ice climbing, skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, ice skating, bob sledding…it’s a winterized sport haven.

Lake Placid is actually one of only two bob sled locations in the entire country open to the public. Cool Runnings, anyone? Bob Sled rides are at an Olympic venue right out of town (a quick mile past the towering ski jumps and toboggan runs) and it is one exhilarating ride. Think roller coaster, but colder, crazier, faster, and a drop more dangerous. Although…we took a swing at ice climbing up Chouinard’s Gulley, and that experience didn’t come with a driver, brakeman or commemorative pin.

Lake Placid is a mystical little place to escape into a winter wonderland, whether you’re looking for some downtime, serious slope days or a little icy adventure. Maybe you’ll even have your own ‘Miracle on Ice’ moment.