Schmidt Bros Knives

The Perfect Knife Set

The knife is different. It’s not like the fork and spoon. The fork and spoon get to have all the fun, but the knife gets the glory. The knife is back in the kitchen doing all the work while the fork and spoon just lie there on the table, curled up in some cheap napkin.

But the knife…the knife is a complicated, culinary mistress with an eye for danger and a taste for deliciousness.

If the fork or spoon were so great, they’d make 20 different kinds. Japanese ones. German ones. French ones. They’d write songs with lyrics that say “cuts like a spoon.” You might think you’re a bad cook at home, but in reality…it’s probably just your knife set. Is mincing garlic a serious issue? Do your onion slices have issues conforming? Do you break out scissors just to filet a chicken breast? You need better tools. The creator is only as good as the tools he creates with.

With that in mind, there’s a new butcher in town. The Brooklyn-based Schmidt Brothers are forging new territory in the world of cutlery, taking a design-focused approach to the industry. They are really brothers, and they both have a sincere passion for modernizing and improving on the classic stainless steel knives that we’ve all become accustomed to. Their new line covers everything from unique boards, blocks, everyday starter sets and specialty slicers with precision sharp stainless steel blades. This isn’t your usual hum drum cutlery company. It’s about perfection in every slice, a unique blend of function and design.

So the knives are fantastic. They cut like a dream. Even better—they look so good on your counter. None of those boring blocks where you cover up the beauty of the blade—Schmidt Brothers Bonded Teak set has a gorgeous modern take on the traditional butcher’s block. The whole brand is about merging old world traditions with new world technology, and it’s a beautiful marriage. The brothers are constantly searching for the most simple, elegant and function designs to make your kitchen the best place it can be.

The steel blades feature the patented Schmidt Brothers Curve for superior control and safety, and the rare Teak Wood provides a soft, comfortable grip. They named the Bonded Teak series after the relationship between the steel and the wood — two extraordinary materials in perfect harmony to create a precise and pleasurable cutting experience.

Just wait till you get a set of them into your kitchen. You’ll bond pretty quickly, too.