Luxury Bespoke Writing Instruments from Allegory

In this day and age of typing and texting, we often forget about the original writing tool – it wasn’t the click clack of a keyboard or tic tic tic of a touch sensitive screen that used to inspire the Greats. Longfellow and Edna St. Vincent Millay and Hemingway didn’t have the effervescent glow of a MacBook pro calling their name in the middle of the night, longing for a legacy to be ‘typed’ upon it. Before our obsession with the modern day keyboard there was the ever so cool typewriter – and even before that, there was the ultimate writing tool, the one prized possession that even Mr. William Shakespeare would never leave home without. There was the pen.

It seems so simple. It’s just a way to get words to the paper. But somehow in transitioning so strictly to keyboard writing we’ve lost that grassroots ability to sit down and just write. No delete button available, no backspacing or Wikipedia-ing or even spell checking. The simple act of writing is an ancient art that needs to be preserved…and Allegory is a boutique wood and leather shop helping to do just that.

Chad and his wife had just lost their jobs at a tech company and with a new baby on the way they focused on one of their favorites pastimes and hobbies – woodworking. Suddenly their passion project took on a life of its own and Allegory was founded in Spring of 2012 on the principal of creating deeper value in the objects we use everyday.

Handcrafted bespoke pens from boutique brand Allegory

Through smart-sourcing of materials, handcrafted small-batch manufacturing, and a unique combination of luxury and mass-market accessibility, Allegory has created a social media groundswell, rapid growth, and national media coverage remarkably quickly.

It’s all about innovating the old way – Allegory focuses on going back to the traditional style of hand crafting writing instruments using reclaimed and historical woods. The compelling stories of the woods (some of which are several thousand years old) make Allegory’s writing instruments the perfect choice for a meaningful gift, as the stories often connect to the owner in a very personal way.

Customization (along with expert craftsmanship) is what makes Allegory products so unique. You can pick everything from a custom serial number to your initials or logo to hand picking the piece of wood so your pen tells YOUR story. You know we’re a sucker for anything truly bespoke, and this brings it to the next level. Bespoke Knot Standard suit with a custom Allegory pen in the pocket? Seriously baller.


Allegory works with customers and companies to create jaw-dropping gift experiences. This pen will not get lost in a drawer– it’s a flash of extravagant elegance, a way to step out of those dime a dozen stamped logo click pens with their cheap plastic exteriors and insignificant interiors. Commemorate a major life event or give your organization’s stakeholders a branded gift they’ll never forget.

This is not just a pen – this is the type of heirloom instrument you use to sign your first big contract, your new mortgage, the lease on your Ferrari. It’s the pen you use to sign your marriage license and your first born’s birth certificate. It’s the kind of thing that is built with love and creates memories throughout its entire life, perhaps even inspires some of that Shakespearean creativity.

Each bespoke pen is made with a legacy, so you can leave yours.

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