PR Newswire: The Ultimate Resource for Small Business

For small businesses looking to make the most of their marketing dollars—or lack thereof—it’s extremely important to have a plan in place. The world of public relations for small business marketing is an ever changing landscape and often small businesses don’t have the manpower to keep up—and they don’t think they have the budget for a big firm, either. That changed when PR Newswire launched a special program devoted to small business marketing services, the PR Toolkit for Small Businesses.

Having a brand like PR Newswire on your side helps in so many ways—get noticed with the big dogs like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, drive traffic to your site, Reach 5,500+ websites like Yahoo!, MSN & AOL, get the benefits of embedded social media links & tools, grab some media attention and track the efficacy of it all.

We had a chance to test out the PR Toolkit for ourselves and were amazed at what we could do—including finding our name on a 6,000 square foot billboard smack dab in the middle of Times Square. Their small business public relations tips, services and website were super user-friendly, and we were pretty impressed by the results. A small business press release can go a long way.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses have unique communications challenges. These guys understand today’s business landscape and can help you grow faster and stronger by getting your messages out to those who matter most — and within your budget. With PR Newswire’s powerful media distribution network and small business PR tools, your press release will reach media, prospective partners, investors, customers and more. Get your message out locally, regionally or nationally (Overseas reach is available too).

PR Newswire offers a number of distribution options and public relations tools to help meet the specific needs of your business. The PR Toolkit is a fun place to peruse and find tips and tricks of the trade, related editorials, and actionable advice to help grow your company.

One of the key elements to success with PR for small business is connecting with your target audience. From the most comprehensive national media reach to niche vertical market distribution, they will hold your hand and help you achieve maximum visibility both online and offline by reaching qualified, engaged audiences. They’ll also help with press release ideas for small business. After your message is sent, PR Newswire offers a host of tools to help you track the effectiveness of your distribution.

Share your news online, increase your search engine visibility and drive site traffic. Empower readers to share your news via social networks, blogs and RSS feeds. Drive maximum engagement with your online messages by delivering your release through their Optimized News Platform on, along with a photo and extensive reporting services.

Ken Wincko, SVP of Marketing at PR Newswire, talked to us about the success of working with their brand. “I think one of the biggest things that differentiates us from the competition is that we truly do practice what we preach. In 2014 that meant investing in and launching a multi-channel, content-driven demand generation program leveraging our own products and platforms. Our team created a large volume of original content focused on core themes, including content marketing and measurement, which aligns to the buyer’s journey and user personas, shared with our audience via combination of paid, earned and owned channels. This content successfully engages our target audiences and builds trust to cement a relationship—helping us fulfill the role of strategic communications partner.”