The 2017 Infiniti Q60 Sports Coupe: Designed and Engineered to Perform

It’s that time of the year where you desperately need a vehicle to escape NYC. The sweltering heat has descended upon us, and Friday evenings through Sunday afternoons are meant to be escaped into. It’s strictly driving and Uber weather – do what you can to avoid that Subway platform. It’s the time of year where a drive to the country in perfect luxury, blasting Sirius XM with a wind tornado in your hair is the only way to feel the stress melt away and relaxation set in. It’s a beautiful season, and that calls for an equally beautiful feat of engineering.

We took the new 2017 Infiniti Q60 Sports Coupe out to the lush comforting farmland of Pennsylvania, where roads are endless and traffic nonexistent. It did not disappoint.

Fourteen years ago, Infiniti’s G35 coupe shook up the sport-luxury landscape. With big power and trick steering, the Q60 is bringing that same revolutionary power via a premium sports coupe that combines expressive design with exhilarating performance and dynamics.

The high performance 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbo engine from the new and exclusive “VR” powertrain family is born out of the brand’s extensive in-house experience of six-cylinder powertrain development. The new engine has been engineered to empower the driver and offer increased power and torque with high levels of efficiency. This new “VR30” engine comes in two power ratings: 300 horsepower or 400 horsepower, with the latter offering one of the best power-to-efficiency ratios in the premium sports coupe class.

Obviously, you should go with the latter…the more ponies the better.

It’s all about form meeting function here. Every aspect of the Q60 Coupe’s luxurious interior has been thoughtfully designed for comfort, elegance and intuitive function, along with a tailored approach for a driver-centric interior. It’s modeled around the concept of a ‘driver’s glove’—sliding into the front seat is as comfortable and natural as sliding on a driver’s glove, surrounded by any and everything you could need for a comfortable ride with thoughtful high end accents like carbon-fiber highlights. That’s not to say function is sacrificed here—those horses really start to gallop once you hit those glorious long stretches of one lane backroads, with the sun on your skin and cornfields in your mirror.

Aerodynamic efficiency was also a major consideration for Infiniti’s design and engineering teams. The Q60’s drag coefficient of 0.28 was made possible, in part, by the car’s new design, intended to keep the vehicle stable at high speeds and in crosswind conditions. Vents in the front fenders direct air out of the engine bay while the Q60’s hood is also shaped to reduce drag so you can really fly.

Get out of the heat. Drive without the purpose of going somewhere, but rather enjoying the journey. Blast some ‘80s rock and let the sun shine down on 400 beautiful horses. You’ll have the time of your life.