Doug and Polly White

Now is the Best Time to Grow Your Small Business

Successfully growing a small business is challenging in any environment…It’s even more difficult in economically troubled times. It’s not always apparent that this is the best time to capitalize on your business. We discovered five tips that can h...
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Small Businesses: Thrive in 2012

The champagne has popped and a new year has begun, but funding is tight, government regulations are more restrictive, and consumers still aren’t spending. This is the toughest economic environment in decades. It’s possible to have a profitable, growi...

Doug and Polly White

Doug and Polly White are Principals at Whitestone Partners; a management-consulting firm that helps small businesses build the infrastructure they need to grow profitably. They are also coauthors of the groundbreaking new book, Let Go to GROW; why some businesses thrive and others fail to reach their potential (Palari Publishing 2011) which was named best business book for 2011 by the National Federation of Independent Business - NFIB.