Finding Adventure and Escape in a Conservation Hunt on Hawaii

awaii is a land of escape that has beckoned wanderers for centuries. The word alone brings forth images of lush, intense greenery, sparkling turquoise waters, miles upon miles of deserted beaches and turtles the size of a small car. There’s also a side to Hawaii that not many people know about. There’s been an aggressive overpopulating of Axis Deer, and are considered an invasive species to the island. The deer first came to Hawaii in the 1860s as a gift from Hong Kong to the monarch who ruled at the time, King Kamehameha V. They were first taken to the rural and remote island of Moloka’i, and have since taken over. Regular hunting is used to control the deer population, with the added benefit of feeding the native residents, helping to preserve the wilderness, and also providing a fantastic place for visitors to commune with nature and get closer to the meat on their plate...
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Luxury Hawaiian Getaway

It’s time to reboot. The sound of the ocean echoes in your ear and as you sit in that crowded little cubicle, you can almost feel the crinkle of sand between yo...
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Our travel nomad Peter Delevett explores the spiritual culture and natural beauty of Hawaii