Hotel Renew Hawaii

Luxury Hawaiian Getaway

It’s time to reboot. The sound of the ocean echoes in your ear and as you sit in that crowded little cubicle, you can almost feel the crinkle of sand between your toes. Hawaii is one of those magical places that never truly leaves you…the ‘aloha’ nature of the land and genuine serenity keeps you coming back for more.

As the islands evolve, so do their luxury properties—Oahu has just introduced its first true designer boutique property, Hotel Renew. Hotel Renew mirrors the natural environment of the island, incorporating basic natural elements such as water, earth and fire into the overall design. It’s an oasis of casual elegance and exceptional tranquility, just a few steps from Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.

‘O ka wai leo mopua ke lono nei
E ‘ale, e kumoho, e hu aukahi

I hear the sweetly voiced water
Let it ripple, Let it rise, Let it flow

Hotel Renew is not a big corporate resort or a generic chain hotel. Instead the environment here is all about relaxed living, not overly stuffy modernism. The style is simplistic and to the point, a subtle and calming contrast to the vibrant energy of Waikiki. 72 luxury suites repeat the natural environment of Oahu and focus on the elements. The rooms, designed in the spirit of wellness, immediately envelop you with a sense of ease and comfort, and serve as an elegant backdrop for your own memories.  It’s the perfect marriage of sexy chic and casual coastal.

Skip out of the office simply for the wide Pacific beaches of Honolulu, the striking views of Ko’olau’s pali (cliffs) and the laid-back “aloha” feeling you can’t help absorbing while you’re here. There’s something very special about the stunning Oahu landscape, local rain forest and the humming vibrant downtown juxtaposed next to each other. Take in the vibrant downtown arts scene; visit the memorial at Pearl Harbor for a historic afternoon. Take a late night stroll on the tiki-torch-lit beach or hang ten on the waves. Taste the local poki. The island is literally your oyster.

Indulge. Relax. Renew. Discover wani pana. For the natives, that means celebrated places. A deep breath of tropical air and the scent of a fragrant island lei around your neck.

Aloha `oe…Farewell to you.