The Best Beef Comes from Happy Cows

There’s a very specific pleasure that comes with cutting into a 14 oz piece of char grilled meat and feeling a little bit of heaven melt onto the tip of your tongue. The search process for that delicate piece of meat, however, can be tedious and frustrating. The processed and manufactured grocery store ‘steaks’ don’t exactly live up to my Peter Luger expectations.

Things haven’t changed as much as we think since Upton Sinclair’s spotlight on the corruption of the meat industry in The Jungle. You have to be careful about the life story of the filet mignon sitting on your plate…and even in an over-saturated ‘organic’ marketplace, there are plenty of products that scam you into believing they’re a lot purer and healthier than they really are.

In the wide open spaces of Montana, the LaCense Beef Company raise cattle who live happy healthy lives on a breathtaking ranch that allows them to be the cows they were meant to be (until they become the dinner they were meant to be, obviously).Filet Mignon

LaCense Beef is an antibiotic, hormone and pesticide free beef company that cares about investing in their cattle and their customer’s health, since you actually are what you eat.

These cows are grass-fed, as opposed to the standard grain-fed cows of the industry. Grain-fed is difficult to digest, so other companies use antibiotics to deal with the after effects of not feeding their cattle properly. Those antibiotics stay in their system, and eventually end up in your body.

In addition to taking away the guesswork of what’s really for dinner, LaCense takes away the hassle of going to find it yourself. They’ll deliver a Delmonico Steak, Country Style Ribs, French Bistro Pack, anything you want…straight to your door anytime, anywhere.

Bon appétit!

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