Meet your new tailor: precise, robotic, and incredibly high end.

Alton Lane starts the Revolution

Meet your new tailor: precise, robotic, and incredibly high end.

By Jenna Marie Bostock

Every time a pant cuff gets worn, a shirt sleeve becomes pilled, a button pops off and you can’t fix it (if you’re that helpless of a bachelor), you trek out to the tailor and go through the tedious process of having a new suit made. Sure, it’s worth it for the attention to detail a master tailor delivers as opposed to those ill fitting polyester garments a place like Men’s Warehouse would put you in, but still.

Alton Lane - the future of mens suiting.
Alton Lane - the future of mens suiting.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could step in a 3-D laser body scanner Jetson-style, have beams of light measure each curve and angle of your body and BAM!—a suit that fits you to perfection is delivered to your doorstep?

Alton Lane has arrived.

This brand new luxury menswear company has taken the traditional high end experience of tailoring and brought it to a new level of sophistication, affordability and convenience. There’s much more than technological style and a taste for a cashmere revolution here.

The “magic box” at Alton Lane scans your almost naked body (don’t be shy, you leave your boxers on) in 30 seconds flat. You don’t have to be self conscious either….it’s a non evasive scanner. That is to say, none of what you would measure in the bedroom comes into play.

Then the measurements are sent to a select group of the most elite tailors of the world. Now that your dimensions are in the system, you never have to stop by Alton Lane again (unless you want to—the showroom is cozy, intimate, and pretty fun to visit).

You can order a new garment from virtually anywhere with your exact description already saved, an avatar of sorts, via the wonderful World Wide Web.  Just watch that waistline after the Holidays….you might want to go to your local tailor and have him send in a few new measurements once you’ve overdosed on Grandma’s apple pie.

At prices ranging anywhere from $485 to $4,000, this fun new way to shop is a steal. Hurry up and get scanned before everyone else finds out about Manhattans latest little secret.

Viva la Revolution!