Adore Hair Studio & Shoppe

You don’t have to be incredibly superficial to realize how valuable your image is. We all know the importance of a good investment…yes, it would have been smart to buy gold last year. But one of the most important investments to focus on right now? A proper stylist.

Not just a hairdresser, but a stylist. There’s a distinct difference. Gentlemen, don’t scoff—the barber shop isn’t doing you any favors, and you shouldn’t always have to say ‘wait three days, it’ll look better then’ immediately after a haircut.

We have found an adore-able (excuse the pun) salon that we think is the best hair studio south of the Mason Dixon line (and better priced than anything North of it too).

Adore Hair Studio works a little differently than the typical salon. They ‘lease’ out each individual counter to their stylists and colorists so while they work as a fluid and cohesive team, each stylist is technically working based on personal commission. It’s actually a fantastic business model for both both parties and empowers an entrepreneurial state of mind.

Adore’s owner is the blonde bombshell Shelly Williams whose vision in opening the salon was to create a shop that valued respect, diversity, hard work, and most importantly, superior talent.

Each stylist is a hand-picked, seasoned professional who has a passion for the craft of hairdressing. It’s an art, not just a career. You should be a piece of art when they’re finished with you too! The upscale boutique atmosphere is inviting and the customer service friendly ­in true southern fashion. (They don’t/can’t serve booze on premise, but you can pop in for a brewski next door at the craft beer store while you wait).

“Our studios have contemporary, organic vibes and clients appreciate our friendly, down to earth approach to hair. We do hair really well…it’s as simple as that. ” -Shelly Williams, Adore Studio & Shoppe owner.