Executive Education | Global Strategy

It’s critical to continue learning and developing new skills at every step in one’s career.  As the world changes and evolves, so do the skills needed to be a leader. Executive Education programs can help equip leaders with the tools needed to respond to these changes and stay one step ahead.

Executive Ed at NYU Stern is pretty different from traditional MBA teaching.  The executives who come here are not particularly interested in theory…they want to know how the skills they learn today can change how they do business tomorrow. A wealth of business experience across all industries available is at your disposable, along with awesome networking potential.

Last semester our tried & tested team checked out the NYU Stern School of Business Executive Education Open Enrollment programs and found one of the most intriguing courses to be Global Strategy. Professor Salomon, who leads the course, gave us the inside scoop on what makes the program different and how to implement a global strategy in your business.

Rob Salomon: This program is consistent with Stern’s overall focus on Global Business; however, this particular program does not focus on a specific country or region. Rather, the goal is to give participants a holistic, systemic view of the global economy, and the role of multinationals in a globalized world. The point is to train generalists by helping executives develop analytical skills that can be fruitfully applied to any country in which they are currently operating, or considering entering.

Although countries like Brazil, Russia, India, and China (the BRIC economies) are quickly evoked in almost any globalization conversation, the reality is that there are existing perspectives and frameworks that can, at once, increase our understanding of the BRIC’s and be applied to a broader set of countries.

The world is becoming increasingly global and interconnected. Not only are businesses affected by developments in their home country, but also by developments throughout the globe. In addition, actions taken by a firm in one country stand to affect outcomes in other countries. It is therefore critical for executives to have a greater understanding of the global marketplace…even if their organization operates predominantly in the domestic market.

As we say at NYU Stern Executive Education, “In a world of fast moves, choose a smart one.”  All of our Open Enrollment programs are designed to provide executives with the ideas, knowledge and tools to perform better, more efficiently and smarter than the competition.  To that end, our programs are two to three days in length to minimize time away from the office while maximizing results.

Understand globalization, international expansion and the strategic management of multinational firms.

The central objective of this program is to understand globalization, international expansion and the strategic management of multinational firms (MNCs). The Global Strategy Open Enrollment program is designed for managers within multinational corporations as well as managers at companies considering global expansion. Individuals pursuing careers with a global focus (investment banking, management consulting, venture capital, etc.) will also find this program valuable.

Do not overestimate the benefits and underestimate the costs of international expansion. For example, China holds the potential to reach 1 Billion consumers. The reality, however, is that it is incredibly difficult to profitably reach those consumers. Therefore, by learning how to carefully calculate the benefits and weigh the risks, managers can make better-informed international expansion decisions.

Professor Salomon’s Global Strategy Open Enrollment program will be held at NYU Stern on March 5-7, 2012. Check the course out here.