New York, NY. His & Hers custom shirts at bespoke boutique Doyle Mueser—it’s the sartorial equivalent of building your own Aston Martin.

Custom Shirts in the West Village

Custom fitted shirts have caught on like wildfire lately—and with good reason. For the longest time custom shirts and bespoke wear were placed in this upper crust category and were thought to be reserved for those of a certain class with rather stuffy tastes. But why would you settle for less than perfect cuffs? Why wear a collar that doesn’t accent your neck properly, or conform to your body as it sees fit? (no pun intended). Well, no more ballooning sleeves or off the rack seams. Not for us, anyway. Once you go bespoke, you never go back.

The devil’s in the details.

Doyle Mueser is the extravagant Savile Row inspired bespoke boutique that is far from your grandfather’s tailor, right in the West Village on Christopher Street. Amber Doyle and Jake Mueser are the fashion forward partners responsible for this charming shop that offers everything from bespoke suits and shirts to hand made skull and bone cufflinks. The aristocratic name is derived from the founders surnames, but also lends an intriguing air of ‘Who is this Doyle man, and how does he make such impeccable clothing?’

Doyle Mueser offers full services to both men and women, a wonderful unexpected rarity in the bespoke industry. Some will offer custom womenswear, but not a full wardrobe, or they just don’t do it all that well. It’s all about the details, and Doyle Mueser has that down pat.

We wanted to check out their single needle-stitched custom shirts that everyone has been raving about, so we had a his and hers selection created. The experience is just that…a helluva experience. It’s a little different than your off the rack department store. With inviting armchairs and a plethora of Hendricks or Balvenie at your disposable, chatting with Jake and figuring out exactly what you want and who you are is the first step of the process. When we met, he was in from a late night of partying with Jason Sudeikis, LeBron James and Owen Wilson…just another day in the life of a rock star tailor.

After books and books of fabric (where they are happy to gently guide, if you are the indecisive type), collar options (so many!), cuff size, gusset discussion, the actual measurements and a topper of whiskey or gin, your dream has been set in motion and will become an actual reality in, say, 3 to 5 weeks. It’s the sartorial equivalent of building your own Aston Martin, with a faster turnaround time.

Book an appointment before they get too famous, while you can still say you were fitted by ‘Doyle’ himself.

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