Martine Inn

Where to stay in Monterey

Last week we featured the Mercedes Benz AMG Academy, one of the hottest racing schools around. We went to check out their program at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, CA where we found a plush little romantic getaway. Head to the racetrack and stay in the quaint town of Pacific Grove, a place of natural beauty with a small town feel and luxurious attitude.

The Martine Inn is hidden along the rocky coastline of Monterey Bay and is definitely the most elegant Bed & Breakfast we’ve ever come across. Intimate and inviting, this is not your typical B&B. The Martine Inn is an historic mansion built in 1899 and with a full renovation by the Martine family in 1984, restoring the charm of the place and updating the home into a boutique inn.

A decadent three course breakfast is served daily in the formal parlor overlooking the ocean and an hors d’oeuvres happy hour is held every evening—perfect after a rough day at the track. Each room has a fantastic view overlooking the wild Pacific with a very ‘at home’ vibe.

The town of Pacific Grove has an underground racing community—it seems everyone knows how to ride the corkscrew at Laguna Seca. The Inn’s owner, Don Martine, is a sports car restorer and vintage MG racer. He has an impeccable collection of restored MGs tucked away on-premise…and is more than happy to show them off to new admirers.

The people here have a genuine desire to serve and welcome you. It’s refreshing, an over indulgence in customer service, if you will.

Hang your hat here for a couple of days and you’ll never want to leave. A bed and breakfast never felt so good.