Mercedes Benz AMG PRO Driving Academy

Racing at Laguna Seca with Mercedes-Benz AMG Academy

No traffic lights. No speed limits. No compromises. The Mercedes-Benz AMG Driving Academy is a racing school for the guy looking to reach a new level of driving ability, sharpen near perfect reflexes and enhance your pedal to the medal instincts. For those looking to find nirvana inside a cockpit, the Pro Training program is the course for you.323711_264959250218227_308062223_oIt is three days of intense racing school, driving in a fleet of legendary high-performance AMG vehicles (like the SLS Coupe) designed for the hard core drivers who have already been through Basic and Advanced training and are lured back by the track to see what they can do with no limitations and serious speed. The curriculum builds on driver skills with high-performance dynamics training, lots of data gathering and in-depth driving analysis – and of course, high speed laps around the track. It’s all about the track.Mercedes Benz AMG Academy

AMG Driving Academy offers the 2011 program in three of the most renowned racetracks in America: Road Atlanta (GA), Laguna Seca Raceway (CA), and Lime Rock Park (CT). We recommend Laguna Seca…challenging, picturesque, and incredibly unique.

Laguna Seca is 2.24 miles of sinewy track, 11 turns and a 300-foot elevation change. You get to race and test your skills on famed complexes like the “Corkscrew” and the “Andretti Hairpin.” The one-of-a-kind corkscrew is a hard-left, hard-right combination that is both spectacular and terrifying….depending on how good you are and how fast you get.Mercedes Benz AMG Driving School

At the track we took a high speed, power sliding taxi-ride with SCCA Trans-Am champion Tommy Kendall that blew our minds. The entire experience is a high-speed, gut-twisting, adrenaline-packed driving adventure that you’ll never forget.

Spend time at the track with 563 horses. It makes for a kick-ass Christmas present…MSRP $3,695