Arcteryx Alpha LT

A Jacket For All Conditions: The Arc’teryx Alpha LT

Need a jacket that’s perfect for skiing Stowe Mountain and running errands in the blistering cold of lower Manhattan? Look no further. Arc’teryx, a company known in the outdoor world for using unrivaled functional design with the best quality and high performing materials, has developed the Alpha LT Jacket.

Crazy lightweight, breathable, snow-shedding, waterproof, and made with hardcore 320N GORE-TEX® Pro Shell 3L. They work with textile manufacturers to help develop the most durable materials, so you know your Arc’Teryx jacket has your back, literally, from sub degree Alaskan expeditions to the bitter cold of the Upper West Side.

Arc’Teryx has always had the philosophy that they should source the best quality materials available globally. They consistently use the same materials and components in every factory; material substitutions are not permitted. That equals quality gear that will last a lifetime.

We got our hands on one of these Alpha LT jackets and put it to the test on a couple hard ice-climbing routes and ski slopes through the Northeast…it’s now officially the new jacket of the Alister & Paine adventure team.

It’s an alpine focused jacket, so definitely the tool of choice for the fast and light alpine crowd. It’s full weather protection and lightweight features work well for any winterized activity (even snow-shoeing at the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont) and the improved Storm Hood is a lifesaver when the hard snow hits. HemLock feature keeps the jacket hem from rising above a climbing harness, a feature you’ll appreciate while swinging your ice axe.

It keeps you dry, warm, lets you breath, and is durable as all hell. This jacket can handle anything you throw its way, so adventurists, extremists, adrenaline junkies alike, add it to the coat rack.

Arc’Teryx is named for Archaeopteryx Lithographica, the first reptile to develop the feather for flight, freeing itself from the constraints of the horizontal world. I’d say that’s fitting. MSRP $499